Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Pebble

So I wrote the last post in the morning while I was still mad at Ben.  However, yesterday he texted me in the afternoon and wonder if 6:30PM was good for date night so we did have date night Friday night after all.  We went to a Thai restaurant and then watched The Pebble and the Penguin afterwards.  Marina is Hubie's love interest and so Ben said he was Hubie and I was Marina because she too had green eyes like me he said.  This melted my heart because he knows what color my eyes are.  Though he did kind of killed the mood when he told me how he was hanging out with friends yesterday who were girls and there was 3 of them.  I knew it he was out with other people but I'll let it go.  I know he loves me and to me I would describe ourselves like Penny and Leonard from the Big Bang Theory.  Penny can do better looks wise but personality and intelligence probably not.  And like what Leonard said in an episode that he won't ever find a prettier girlfriend like Penny ever again so I like to think the same thing with Ben.  But idk sometimes I think he can and girls sometimes want a guy more that  is taken too but I hope Ben truly loves me because I can't imagine finding another guy like Ben again.   

I ordered him a mini Ra bird statue the other day for his birthday and I'm still going back and forth if I want to get him those Beanie Babies or not.  I want to get him another figurine and I saw a Huichol turtle but it cost $35 and I still need to order transcripts and pay for spring classes so maybe another time.  I also tried to get pictures for his keychain last night but didn't get any pictures I liked so far so hopefully maybe if we go next out week I can get better ones but school and work will be starting so he'll probably be tired and/or busy to want to go the museum after hours event.  I still need to get those penguins laminated too and buy wiggly eyes so my Valentine's Day plan gets moving. 

Hanging out with Ben last night made me want to continue pursuing my master's.  I order transcripts but still need to order more but can't till I have paid my classes for the spring.  There's still a lot I need to do such as write 3 essays, ask for letters of recommendation, fix/update my resume and so on.  I hope I can get it but I'm worried I might not have the right undergraduate classes in history and science. :/   I don't plan on going to the gym tonight because I want to keep working on my application but I need coffee and my room is a mess and is distracting me.  Going to the gym would also be crowded with the New Year's resolution newbies and they tend to take and hog all the machines no offense.  And I go back to work next week so the more I can get done with my application this weekend the better! So much to do and so little time!!!   

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