Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Going through so many changes and some I am not ready for. So  during Thanksgiving break, I watched 3MSC and Tengo Ganas De Ti. After watching TGDT, I thought maybe their was still chance Babi and Hache would get together down the road but now I think maybe they shouldn't get back together and change is good. So what happened was I finished the fall term the week before Thanksgiving break and found out also I would be getting a new host school and teacher for guided practice. I was sad at first because I was just getting used to my former host school and getting to know some of the staff. I knew I was going to get a new host teacher since my current teacher only had two classes for my subject area and I need at least four hours of teaching for guided practice. I told my school placement advisor if he couldn't find something at my former host school if he could find something at a school distract I suggested and he did. I thought he wouldn't since I had the school district before and no luck. I was sad when I read the email informing of my new host school but as the weeks went on I reflected on it. Maybe change is good. Like when Hache returned to Spain from London and excepted things to be the way they were two years later. At first he couldn't accept change but then finally he let go of Babi and found new love with Gin. So I need to let go. Sometimes I feel like Hache when I go to the gym still, I think Omar will be there and life is still the way it was years ago when Omar was there. But I know it won't be ever like that. The last time I went to the gym Omar didn't cross my mind so I know I am ready for change. I also got my CSET results last Friday, I passed one exam and still need to pass one more before I can start guided practice. I knew I wasn't going to pass it after the exam. Hopefully I pass this time. Sine I didn't pass that one exam, I don't know what I am going to do next term. A part of me is happy I didn't pass because I really want to take a term off. I just want to work as many days as possible so I afford the classes I have left and not stress as much. Last term burnt me out trying to balance school and work and I was stressed about paying for the term since I did the five payment plan. So if I took a term off, I could hopefully make as much money as possible and not worry about finishing assignments or making it to class on time. As much as I'll miss my former host school, I think I am ready for a change...and I'll be studying for my last CSET, I hope I pass!!!!