Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Status: Gf ...??? and Comic Con

Last night I was talking to Ben before he left for Comic Con with his friends.  He goes every year with his friends so it's like a guy thing.  Not that I would mind being invited but I understand.  Plus I have homework to do.  He was telling me about his last day of work since he too got another job.  He said someone was asking him about Comic Con and asked him if he was bringing his girlfriend he said no but told his coworker how I wanted a picture of the Teen Wolf cast. Aw, he remembered.  He also said girlfriend so I guess I am his girlfriend.  I just wish he would tell/ask me in person to make it official but I am happy with my status.    

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally DTR???

Things are finally starting to turn around for me.  Going back to school so maybe this will help with getting an anthropology job.  I think I got another job, I'll find out next week, so yeah :) And finally,  Ben finally DTR...kind of.  I was talking to Ben on Sunday and he was telling me about his day and how he was at party and ran into someone he went to high school with. Ben was telling me how was talking about me and how he likes to talk about me to his friends since I am his special someone and practically his girlfriend.  I was shocked, stunned, happy, excited all in one since he called me his girlfriend, minus the practically part.  However, when you translate guy code it means I am his girlfriend fosho.  I said he was my special someone too but didn't say boyfriend because I am old-fashioned and want to say it in person in a romantic setting ideally so we can officially say we are a couple.  Since he called me his girlfriend, good things have been happening, I've been doing my homework early this week, staying on track for running and got another job ( I think, Idk what it meant by applicant but it did start off with Welcome, so yes I have a new job?)  If luck is what Ben brings me besides the love and care support he gives me, then I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! :) ... Maybe he is the one <3