Friday, December 27, 2013

Ideas Popping Left and Right

So I have some ideas for Ben's birthday and Valentine's day.  Hopefully they don't cost me a pretty penny and/or waste my time because I don't want a repeat of last year's Valentine's day.  So for Ben's birthday I was thinking of getting him movie passes and either a Sock Monkey TY Beanie Baby that has a happy birthday tee shirt on or a My Little Pony one since he is a brony.  Maybe a superhero tee too since he's into the whole comic book/super hero scene but I haven't seen any I like so far.  The movies tickets I can buy in the stores too, so that's a plus and I don't need my credit card to buy it online.  For Valentine's Day, I just bought online an apple photo keychain since he's working on being a teacher and possibly me.  I know I was trying to avoid buying online but I know this item will be probably be hard to find in the store and if I do, I'll probably pay close to retail price if anything.  On the plus side, I don't have to wait in line or go to different stores looking for it.  Now I just need a nice picture of us to put in it but I don't really like how I look in the pictures we do have together and nowadays we only hang out once a month, so I guess I'm going to have make sure we take a ton the next time we have a date night.  I was also thinking of getting him a Hello Kitty marshmallow pop since that's what he first gave me for Valentine's day when we were in college together.  We weren't dating then but he did want to ask me to dinner that night but chickened out.  I saw them yesterday at the stores already,  I wanted to buy one but I don't know if it's too soon to buy it because I don't want it to get hard but I don't want to wait to long to buy it and then go to the store only to find it out of stock.  I was then planning on attaching it to a Hello Kitty Beanie Baby holding a heart but I don't want to go overboard with giving him Beanie Babies but if I just buy one at the store I can expect to pay almost three dollars more for them as where buying them online, I save money, they shipped fast but I need to buy at least two to get free shipping but I can always keep the Hello Kitty one for me if I change my mind.  I want to buy balloons too and tie them to his gate at his house but I don't know if I should do this for his birthday or Valentine's day.  I'm leaning towards Valentine's Day since his birthday is on a Saturday and I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to do this plus I work on Friday's and Valentine's Day being on Friday, I can tie the balloons before I go to work but everyone will be buying balloons that day so I'm probably going to need to do this early.  I want to take Ben out for dinner  for his birthday but he'll probably be busy with his friends and forget about me and they'll probably take him out somewhere and forget to invite me.  And if I do get invited out, I'll probably just sit there very quietly and feeling awkward since I don't know any of his friends really.  I guess I can always take him out to eat the day before or after.  I don't know if I should get him a cake either since I don't know if I'll even get to see him on his birthday.  I'm probably also going to buy either a bag of sour hearts or chocolate hearts from See's Candies since I do every year and put them in the same bag that Ben had used for the Valentine's Day that he got me the marshmallow pop.  I did this last year and then he used the same bag for Christmas so we can keep using the bag till it falls apart or if either one of us loses it.  I thought it was funny that he actually kept it too.  Now I just need to figure out what I want to wear.               

$Money Woe$


Stores are already pushing Valentine's Day stuff and Christmas was just yesterday!  There are so many things I want and need to buy and why I am having money woes.  I need to pay for spring classes and one of my text books and that's going to be around $400 dollars.  I also need to order transcripts but offices are closed and I don't want to buy it online if they are going to charge some ridiculousness amount for convince fee because I might as well and go to the school campuses if the rate is going to be outrageous for ordering online.  They should give you a discount instead for saving paper and gas, what happened with going green people?!  Things that I want, a new outfit for Ben's birthday and Valentine's day and something nice and meaningful for both events, which at this point I have some ideas floating in my head but $$$ is what is stopping me.  Like I said, I need money for school and for applying my masters but I also want money for planning Ben's birthday and Valentine's day.  I want to but them now while I'm still on break from school and work and also while they are still available but with Christmas jut being yesterday, I'm afraid to know how my credit card bills look like.  I'm trying to cut back on online shopping and paying things with a credit card but sometimes I can't help it.  For example, it's cheaper to buy my textbook online then from the school bookstore, so buying online is okay in that case for me.  Things that I want to get for Ben's birthday is available online and the stores but buying online is sometimes cheaper and I save gas and I don't have to wait in line.  I'm probably going to buy online now so I don't have to worry about it come next year and have one less thing to worry about come January, leaving me to have more time to focus on school, work, and applying for my masters.   

Christmas Light


I finally have a chance to breathe and relax.  On winter break from school and work.  I hung out with Ben FINALLY last Sunday (12/15). This is the first time we been together since my birthday and that was a little over a month ago.  We went to see Christmas lights and had dinner afterwards.  Then we exchanged gifts.  He got me a HK tee.  I got him a Batman robe and HK blanket.  I wasn't sure how he was going to like the gifts, especially the blanket but he loved them and even sent me a picture of himself with the blanket.  He was a little hard to shop for but luckily I remembered he once sent me pictures of different super hero robes from Comic Con.  The blanket, I didn't know how he was going to react.  But the idea was that he was to think of me when he slept with the blanket.  Even though there was "Guy themed" blankets, I went with the Hello Kitty (hk) one because I love HK.  Hopefully, I get to hang out with Ben more during winter break because come January, school and work will start again for the both of us and I'm taking two classes this semester, so hopefully I can balance school, work, staying in shape, and Ben but work and school will be done by May so until then, I'm going to need to balance everything and hopefully stop procrastinating assignments.

Before I forget, while looking at the Christmas lights, Ben and I ran into someone that Ben went to high school with.  He introduced me to them as his girlfriend.  So I'm his girlfriend! :)  I could of have embarrassed by putting him on the spot and called him out how he hasn't officially asked me to be his gf but at least now I know I'm his girlfriend.  Now how to tell my parents and introduced him to them is a whole different thing to worry about!!!

I'm also in the process of applying for Masters.  Unfortunately, it isn't in anthropology but it can maybe lead me to an anthropology job one day.  I'm applying for a masters in teaching, when I think about it, anthropology is all around me, even in teaching.  From theories to culture understandings, I can put my anthropology knowledge into use.  I was surprised how much I used anthropology in the child development classes I have taken so far.  I'm still bum I'm not working in my ideal anthropology job or pursuing my masters in it but sometime life already has it's own plans for us.  I'm a little scared of applying because at first I wasn't really considering it, I was just more information but the more I look into the more I became interested, plus it's online, so that's a plus.  There isn't too many online graduate programs in anthropology and I've only received one follow up on information from the schools I have requested information from.  Back to my point, I'm scared because 1. I don't know if I have all the required classes, hopefully I do 2. What will classes be like 3.  Do I need to get B's or higher in my classes in order to pass, I know Ben was telling me in teaching program/graduate programs you do and he was getting a 79 in a class and worried he wasn't going to "pass" and have to take that class again which was going to through off his student-teaching process and when he could start applying to a school 4. And lastly, cost.  Classes are like $1,000 something per unit! So I have no idea how I'm going to pay if I get accepted :( They do offer loan forgiveness if you work for them so many years, so maybe I'll do that.

Ben's birthday is coming up in two months so now I have no idea what to get for his birthday and Valentine's Day! Stores are already pushing Valentine's day stuff already too when Christmas hasn't come yet.  I didn't see anything I liked online on free shipping day.  I looked into things like Batman pjs for men and tees but I feel I might be overdoing it with the whole Batman thing.  Maybe gift cards to the movies, he does go to the movies  a lot.  Last year, one of the things I got him was a gift card to one of his favorite restaurants, I don't know if I should do that again.  I did manage not to get him a gift card for Christmas so maybe if I do get a gift card, I get a pass for his birthday/V-Day.  He's hard to shop for and with gift cards, he can get what he wants :P So for now, I'm still looking for something to get Ben for his birthday and Valentine's Day.  Hopefully we can actually spend both of the day together because last year we did not but then again we didn't really start officially dating till March and he has yet to ask me to be his girlfriend officially.  But still it would be nice to spend those days together, hopefully we do!!!