Friday, May 31, 2013

No Progress

8:09 PM 5/20
I still haven’t made any progress in my quest to find a job in the anthropology field, which is my dream. Even though I am working a part time, but hey, it’s rewarding, and it’s a start and a job, my heart still belongs to anthropology. I was watching Primer Impacto and they were showing in Yucatan, Mexico, a cave with Mayan pictograph hand prints. They were also animal bones and various artifacts, like a source for light. My eyes were a little watery because I wish I was doing something like that.
Today, I also received my charm of a shovel pick and axe excavation which I won online. It’s to remind me to keep pushing for my dream. Even though a part of me doesn’t feel like I deserve to wear it until my goal, another part of me is telling me to wear it because I did earn a degree in anthropology and I took a field class while in school and I was quite good at pedestrian surveying. Maybe me winning this charm is a sign that I am meant to be in the anthropology community, I sure hope so!!!
I was talking to one of my friends from school last week and they were telling me how they were quitting there job that week because of boredom and that Friday was there last day. He told me of job openings for a company that another classmate was applying too and he told me I should apply, even though I told him my background and qualifications in anthropology were limited. Let’s see, no field school, no internship and no volunteer experience. L He assured me that my school reports and field class would be fine, it’s all about how you sell yourself. This is true for any job. It is also something I think I lack and why I would never make a good sales person. He did offer to help me with my resume and so maybe I’ll take him up on his offer before he goes off to grad school and look into that company he mentioned. He’s going to grad school in Denmark in August for underwater (maritime) archeology, which is what I wanted to do. It’s a 2 year program, and I am really happy for him and jealous, lol, because that’s what I want to do, except I want to go to grad school in Mexico, ideally at UNAM (go Pumas), but U. of Guadalajara would do too. Maybe I should start saving my money for grad school and/or scuba diving lessons, instead of salsa lessons and stop buying things I really don’t need online, lol. I know scuba diving lessons can be expensive, but hey, if it gets me a step closer to my dream, then I’m all in. Maybe by the time my friend finishes grad school, I’ll be certified in scuba diving and I can work for him. J
Just checked my email and I got an email from PADI Americas, it’s a sign! (I hope) The closes thing I ever got to scuba diving lessons was when in the summer of when I was transferring school, there was a free scuba diving class at a sports store. It was so much fun and I thought I was finally doing it, you know, becoming the anthropologist that I want to be, since I was transferring school and was starting to take more classes in anthropology to actually become an anthropologist. Almost a year after getting my degree and I am nowhere closer to working in the anthropology world and leaving my mark. L