Monday, April 18, 2016

"Shut It"

On March 18th, after work, I get a text from Ben asking me who Orny Adams from Teen Wolf was. I thought this was  little random but I figure he must of ran into him or something. I told him how he was the lacrosse coach and how on the current season he was in rehab. He told me how he was going to be doing his comedy show that weekend near the mall we were planning to go to later that day. I wasn't planning on dressing up that day but just in case we went to the show I put on a nice silver top. I also wore the necklace Ben got me for Christmas. Even though it was gold, I didn't care that some people might think it didn't matched and decided to wear. I hadn't wore it yet and I wanted him to see that I liked what he gave me. When we got to the mall parking lot I had asked him about seeing Orny Adams. He told me how there was two shows for that day (Friday) and also Saturday. He asked me if I wanted to see him and I said yes but I also wanted to go the mall so I ask the Apple people what laptop was good for school. He got a little mad at me for being indecisive and so I said lets go to the show and how I could go to the mall the other day. While leaving the mall parking lot, he realized he forgot his license and went sure if he would be able to get in the building or not. I suggested seeing the show the Saturday or Sunday but he kept insisting Friday because he was probably going to be busy Saturday and then he wanted to sleep in on Sunday.  When we parked at the parking structure he decided we should eat first and then see the later show, which I was okay with. Though I was a little afraid to talk because I didn't want to upset him anymore. I think he knew that because at the restaurant he wanted to hold my hand and he saw I was hesitant at first.  I think after he ate, he was in a better mood. He decided that we could try for the second show on Saturday so he could have his license and then we could go to the mall after we ate. I was a little annoyed because thats what I suggested. -_-  So after we ate, we went to the Apple Store at the mall. I was glad we were able to go because I had a better idea what laptop I wanted to get.
Saturday afternoon, I get a message from Ben saying how he was sorry about how he was the night before and how if should get tickets to the first show. I told him it was okay and how I need to work on not being indecisive.  He was going to pick me up at 6 so I got ready. I wore the black jumpsuit that I didn't ware for our previous date night. I think this date was much better for it because I was in a good mood because I didn't have to worry about exam scores and the weather was warmer. I wore it with Ben's necklace of course.  After he picked me up and during the ride to the show, I asked Ben if it was possible to get his autograph or a picture with him. Ben told me that it was possible because usually comedians hang out after the show so that made me more excited for the show.  After we enter the building, I saw Orny Adams. I wanted to say hi but I was shy and starstruck and also the staff employee was showing us to our seats. The show was amazing! And after the show we waited to get our picture taken with him. Ben even bought me a shirt they were selling and we chatted with too! That made my night and my week. I made the picture we took my profile page and he even liked my picture. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I'm in need of a miracle.  My break from school is almost over.  I'm a little sad because I won't be able to sub and make money but on the other hand I am moving forward with my degree.  Since I took this term off, I need to write an appeal letter for my financial aid. I pray that I get my financial aid.  However, after this term, I don't know how I'll pay for my remaining classes.  I need a summer job but I also want to go to summer school and take a class towards a certificate program.  The class would be at night though but still I am worried about money. I don't want to take another loan out.  I'm going to try and appeal for scholarships in the summer.  I would be happy if I just get one, even if it was for $20, it would be better then nothing. Hopefully Ill be able to balance my classes starting soon with the one I am currently taking online at a city college. I don't want to drop it because it is towards my certification program. Hopefully things work out and I hope Ben finds a job too.

Happy Tears

So I will be busy when school starts again next week but I will get into that later.

Last I left off, I was planning my outfit for my date night with Ben at an aquarium. I was planning on wearing a jumpsuit but it was getting cold and I had just received my email containing my last CSET test. I decided to wear something casual since it was cold and I didn't want to look nice and then check my results and be sad that I didn't pass. While at the aquarium date night, I gave him his birthday gifts and Valentine's Day gifts. He liked the headphones and Pokémon cards for his birthday.  He laughed when he saw the headphones because he mentioned how he always needs headphones because he goes through them all the time.  The Pokémon ball didn't arrive on time, it actually came that Monday. I knew I should of waited to give him his Valentine's Day gift, but oh well.  I gave it to him the next time I saw him.  Anyways back to the date night, so next I gave him his Valentine's Day gifts. I first gave him the Pokémon wallet which he liked because he said he needed a new wallet and then I gave him the bracelet.  He was surprised when he saw the Pokémon "I Choose You" bracelet.  He asked me if it came with another one and I told him it did and then he told me how he saw them at Hot Topic and was thinking of buying it but he didn't have money.  He thought it was sweet we were thinking of the same thing. I'm glad I bought it when I did because they sold out online so I could only imagine they sold out in stores for Valentine's Day.  Then we ate at a food truck and he took a picture of us wearing the bracelet as we waited for our food.  While we walked around the aquarium I tried not to think about my test results.  Finally Ben and I found a spot where we could check the test results.  He looked at it first.  He covered the part that said if I passed or not and before he showed me, he said how he loved me no matter what.  He then showed me my results and I passed. I was shocked because I thought I didn't pass for sure.  I was so sure that I didn't pass that I even registered and paid for it again.  I actually found myself happy because I finally passed and now I could finally start student teaching after a year of struggling to pass my exams. I thought Ben was going to say that I passed in his heart and then show my results and then see that I didn't pass but nope that didn't happen thankfully.  After that my mood shifted and I even found myself shedding a few happy tears. I don't think I ever cried happy tears in my life up till that point.  After that we went home and it was the perfect ending to our date night.       

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Almost HERE

It is almost time for our date. I went to the mall yesterday and found an outfit for Friday. I just need to figure what accessories to wear with it and shoes. But at least I have something I feel comfortable in and won't necessarily freeze in. I also saw the post office's car drive by delivering package and I thought maybe I would be lucky and get the Pokémon ball delivered today, but sadly no.  The car drove past my house. Hopefully it comes by Friday!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Around The Corner

Ben's birthday and Valentine's Day are just around the corner. I have everything but one thing! I am still waiting for the Pokeball to be delivered. Its estimated delivery time is between Feb. 8-12th and I need it by the 12th. I hope it comes on time because part of his Valentine's Day present were these matching Pokémon bracelets from Hot Topic and I was going to put his bracelet inside the Pokeball. I hope he doesn't buy the same bracelet because he shops at Hot Topic too! If he does, that's okay because it shows we think alike lol. I have to remember to make sure I remove the price tags off the items that have them, like the Pokémon cards. I'm also still working on my outfit idea too!!! It's almost time!!!! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Found It

So I found what I am going to give Ben for his birthday and Valentine's Day. So for his birthday, some red headphones, I think I mentioned them before and 2 packs of Pokémon cards.  Then I found on eBay, a pokeball with a heart, which I'm sure has a name. It opens and closes. So the last few days I have been searching for something to put in it for Valentine's Day and so over the weekend I saw online that Hop Topic had Pokémon couple bracelets that say, "I choose you" on them. It was perfect to put inside the pokeball. Hopefully the pokeball comes in time for Valentine's Day. I also got him a wallet with various types of Eeve evolved on it. They also had 20% online so that was nice but shipping cost $4.99. I could of opted to pick up in store but there really isn't a Hot Topic near me. There is one by my work but it is still out of the way and I don't know when Ill be able to stop by and pick it up and the cost of gas is the same anyways. I was also going to get him a Hello Kitty birthday Beanie Baby, like I say I am going to every year but I am happy with what I got him. I hope everything comes in on time. Now I don't have to worry about his birthday and Valentine's Day until next year.

So Ben's Valentine's Day plan is for us to have dinner after hours at an aquarium on February 12th. So that will be nice and romantic since I had my prom their and this time I have a date. Hopefully I can go and neither one of us gets sick. I just need to figure out what to wear. Casual nice? Formal? Semi-formal?     

Monday, January 18, 2016

That Time of Year Again

It's that time of year again where I start thinking about Valentine's Day and Ben's birthday. Every year it seems like we don't spend Valentine's Day together because one of us is either busy or sick. But that doesn't mean that I don't constantly think about what I would hear, what I should get for Ben, and how to fix my nails. I am already thinking and planning but I'm willing to bet we won't spend Valentine's Day or his birthday together. Last Valentine's Day I was sick and I didn't really make an effort with his birthday because I was mad at him and was at the gym while he was out and about celebrating with his friends. Anyways, so what I have for Ben so far are red headphones because he is like me and goes through headphones like crazy and he can use them when we talk on the phone or FaceTime. I just also ordered him Pokémon cards from Kohls, I got him two sets since it was buy one get one 50%. I just came across it last night and knew it was perfect for Ben because he likes Pokémon among other things. Those would probably be his birthday gifts, as for Valentine's Day, I'm still working on it, maybe a red Betta fish, lol, but then I might want to keep it and I don't know how well he would take care of it. I'll find something like I always do. I just don't want it to break my piggybank or distract me from work and school.