Sunday, February 7, 2016

Almost HERE

It is almost time for our date. I went to the mall yesterday and found an outfit for Friday. I just need to figure what accessories to wear with it and shoes. But at least I have something I feel comfortable in and won't necessarily freeze in. I also saw the post office's car drive by delivering package and I thought maybe I would be lucky and get the Pokémon ball delivered today, but sadly no.  The car drove past my house. Hopefully it comes by Friday!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Around The Corner

Ben's birthday and Valentine's Day are just around the corner. I have everything but one thing! I am still waiting for the Pokeball to be delivered. Its estimated delivery time is between Feb. 8-12th and I need it by the 12th. I hope it comes on time because part of his Valentine's Day present were these matching Pokémon bracelets from Hot Topic and I was going to put his bracelet inside the Pokeball. I hope he doesn't buy the same bracelet because he shops at Hot Topic too! If he does, that's okay because it shows we think alike lol. I have to remember to make sure I remove the price tags off the items that have them, like the Pokémon cards. I'm also still working on my outfit idea too!!! It's almost time!!!! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Found It

So I found what I am going to give Ben for his birthday and Valentine's Day. So for his birthday, some red headphones, I think I mentioned them before and 2 packs of Pokémon cards.  Then I found on eBay, a pokeball with a heart, which I'm sure has a name. It opens and closes. So the last few days I have been searching for something to put in it for Valentine's Day and so over the weekend I saw online that Hop Topic had Pokémon couple bracelets that say, "I choose you" on them. It was perfect to put inside the pokeball. Hopefully the pokeball comes in time for Valentine's Day. I also got him a wallet with various types of Eeve evolved on it. They also had 20% online so that was nice but shipping cost $4.99. I could of opted to pick up in store but there really isn't a Hot Topic near me. There is one by my work but it is still out of the way and I don't know when Ill be able to stop by and pick it up and the cost of gas is the same anyways. I was also going to get him a Hello Kitty birthday Beanie Baby, like I say I am going to every year but I am happy with what I got him. I hope everything comes in on time. Now I don't have to worry about his birthday and Valentine's Day until next year.

So Ben's Valentine's Day plan is for us to have dinner after hours at an aquarium on February 12th. So that will be nice and romantic since I had my prom their and this time I have a date. Hopefully I can go and neither one of us gets sick. I just need to figure out what to wear. Casual nice? Formal? Semi-formal?     

Monday, January 18, 2016

That Time of Year Again

It's that time of year again where I start thinking about Valentine's Day and Ben's birthday. Every year it seems like we don't spend Valentine's Day together because one of us is either busy or sick. But that doesn't mean that I don't constantly think about what I would hear, what I should get for Ben, and how to fix my nails. I am already thinking and planning but I'm willing to bet we won't spend Valentine's Day or his birthday together. Last Valentine's Day I was sick and I didn't really make an effort with his birthday because I was mad at him and was at the gym while he was out and about celebrating with his friends. Anyways, so what I have for Ben so far are red headphones because he is like me and goes through headphones like crazy and he can use them when we talk on the phone or FaceTime. I just also ordered him Pokémon cards from Kohls, I got him two sets since it was buy one get one 50%. I just came across it last night and knew it was perfect for Ben because he likes Pokémon among other things. Those would probably be his birthday gifts, as for Valentine's Day, I'm still working on it, maybe a red Betta fish, lol, but then I might want to keep it and I don't know how well he would take care of it. I'll find something like I always do. I just don't want it to break my piggybank or distract me from work and school.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Going through so many changes and some I am not ready for. So  during Thanksgiving break, I watched 3MSC and Tengo Ganas De Ti. After watching TGDT, I thought maybe their was still chance Babi and Hache would get together down the road but now I think maybe they shouldn't get back together and change is good. So what happened was I finished the fall term the week before Thanksgiving break and found out also I would be getting a new host school and teacher for guided practice. I was sad at first because I was just getting used to my former host school and getting to know some of the staff. I knew I was going to get a new host teacher since my current teacher only had two classes for my subject area and I need at least four hours of teaching for guided practice. I told my school placement advisor if he couldn't find something at my former host school if he could find something at a school distract I suggested and he did. I thought he wouldn't since I had the school district before and no luck. I was sad when I read the email informing of my new host school but as the weeks went on I reflected on it. Maybe change is good. Like when Hache returned to Spain from London and excepted things to be the way they were two years later. At first he couldn't accept change but then finally he let go of Babi and found new love with Gin. So I need to let go. Sometimes I feel like Hache when I go to the gym still, I think Omar will be there and life is still the way it was years ago when Omar was there. But I know it won't be ever like that. The last time I went to the gym Omar didn't cross my mind so I know I am ready for change. I also got my CSET results last Friday, I passed one exam and still need to pass one more before I can start guided practice. I knew I wasn't going to pass it after the exam. Hopefully I pass this time. Sine I didn't pass that one exam, I don't know what I am going to do next term. A part of me is happy I didn't pass because I really want to take a term off. I just want to work as many days as possible so I afford the classes I have left and not stress as much. Last term burnt me out trying to balance school and work and I was stressed about paying for the term since I did the five payment plan. So if I took a term off, I could hopefully make as much money as possible and not worry about finishing assignments or making it to class on time. As much as I'll miss my former host school, I think I am ready for a change...and I'll be studying for my last CSET, I hope I pass!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Spice Time

It's fall and pumpkin spice time.  School has just begun and already I feel overwhelmed. I literally have something due every week but at least I have till Friday to get it done.  Anyways, I was not expecting to have observations this term and I do. I was hoping to substitute as many days as possible to afford my terms. I have 3 terms left after this term. Which is 6 classes left (2 per term) and each class is 3 units so I have 18 units left. 

I am literally broke and actually afraid to use my debit card because that's how broke I am.  I need to work at least 132 days to afford the rest of my terms.  Its going to be hard after the fall term because I'll only be able to work on Fridays so hopefully I get a job every Friday till the summer term ends and then I can work M-F till the school year ends.  Then when school picks up again in August I can hopefully work m-f till my classes start in September. I need around $14000 and hopefully tuition doesn't go up either then I'll really be screwed. I also don't want to take out another loan either. :(

So last Monday Ben wanted to FaceTime me at 10 PM and I fell asleep and slept through his calls. He wanted to invite me to Knott's Scary Farm for Friday night. He was volunteering to help chaperon and invited me because they were short on chaperons. He also wanted me to meet his coworkers, his former students, and hopefully his boss. He was hoping his boss would come so we could meet and that it might persuade him to hire him full time but he didn't come. I had fun with him and we even got some good selfies of us. I even edited one with a zombie app and made it my profile picture since its Halloween season. He was glad I came to and that I was able to meet his coworkers and some of his former students. I think in February he will be starting a long term subbing position but I am not sure for how long. I hope he gets hired full-time because he really deserves it and hopefully I am done with school by next November.

Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I am not sure what is going to happen but I am hoping for the best. For now, I'm not going to think about it and enjoy the rest of the day and what is left of it.

Anyways, Ben is trying with us and I couldn't be happier. He tried in the summer to take me to the fair but I had family over and couldn't go sadly. He also tried to take me to the aquarium two weeks ago but I had tonsillitis.  This time last year, he would make plans but then we never went out and months would go by.  He went to the fair yesterday with his family and he wanted to secretly win me a prize but was kind of embarrassed of what his dad would say, aw. Hopefully things get better for the both of us. I hope and pray he finds a full time job and my school thing gets figured out.