Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Tears

So I will be busy when school starts again next week but I will get into that later.

Last I left off, I was planning my outfit for my date night with Ben at an aquarium. I was planning on wearing a jumpsuit but it was getting cold and I had just received my email containing my last CSET test. I decided to wear something casual since it was cold and I didn't want to look nice and then check my results and be sad that I didn't pass. While at the aquarium date night, I gave him his birthday gifts and Valentine's Day gifts. He liked the headphones and Pokémon cards for his birthday.  He laughed when he saw the headphones because he mentioned how he always needs headphones because he goes through them all the time.  The Pokémon ball didn't arrive on time, it actually came that Monday. I knew I should of waited to give him his Valentine's Day gift, but oh well.  I gave it to him the next time I saw him.  Anyways back to the date night, so next I gave him his Valentine's Day gifts. I first gave him the Pokémon wallet which he liked because he said he needed a new wallet and then I gave him the bracelet.  He was surprised when he saw the Pokémon "I Choose You" bracelet.  He asked me if it came with another one and I told him it did and then he told me how he saw them at Hot Topic and was thinking of buying it but he didn't have money.  He thought it was sweet we were thinking of the same thing. I'm glad I bought it when I did because they sold out online so I could only imagine they sold out in stores for Valentine's Day.  Then we ate at a food truck and he took a picture of us wearing the bracelet as we waited for our food.  While we walked around the aquarium I tried not to think about my test results.  Finally Ben and I found a spot where we could check the test results.  He looked at it first.  He covered the part that said if I passed or not and before he showed me, he said how he loved me no matter what.  He then showed me my results and I passed. I was shocked because I thought I didn't pass for sure.  I was so sure that I didn't pass that I even registered and paid for it again.  I actually found myself happy because I finally passed and now I could finally start student teaching after a year of struggling to pass my exams. I thought Ben was going to say that I passed in his heart and then show my results and then see that I didn't pass but nope that didn't happen thankfully.  After that my mood shifted and I even found myself shedding a few happy tears. I don't think I ever cried happy tears in my life up till that point.  After that we went home and it was the perfect ending to our date night.       

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