Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Spice Time

It's fall and pumpkin spice time.  School has just begun and already I feel overwhelmed. I literally have something due every week but at least I have till Friday to get it done.  Anyways, I was not expecting to have observations this term and I do. I was hoping to substitute as many days as possible to afford my terms. I have 3 terms left after this term. Which is 6 classes left (2 per term) and each class is 3 units so I have 18 units left. 

I am literally broke and actually afraid to use my debit card because that's how broke I am.  I need to work at least 132 days to afford the rest of my terms.  Its going to be hard after the fall term because I'll only be able to work on Fridays so hopefully I get a job every Friday till the summer term ends and then I can work M-F till the school year ends.  Then when school picks up again in August I can hopefully work m-f till my classes start in September. I need around $14000 and hopefully tuition doesn't go up either then I'll really be screwed. I also don't want to take out another loan either. :(

So last Monday Ben wanted to FaceTime me at 10 PM and I fell asleep and slept through his calls. He wanted to invite me to Knott's Scary Farm for Friday night. He was volunteering to help chaperon and invited me because they were short on chaperons. He also wanted me to meet his coworkers, his former students, and hopefully his boss. He was hoping his boss would come so we could meet and that it might persuade him to hire him full time but he didn't come. I had fun with him and we even got some good selfies of us. I even edited one with a zombie app and made it my profile picture since its Halloween season. He was glad I came to and that I was able to meet his coworkers and some of his former students. I think in February he will be starting a long term subbing position but I am not sure for how long. I hope he gets hired full-time because he really deserves it and hopefully I am done with school by next November.