Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Is it true that Irish are lucky and that the saying "Luck of the Irish" has some truth to it? Well for me, I believe in the luck of the Irish, being part Irish. I'm also a big fan of the R. of Ireland soccer/futbol team and we were defiantly robbed of the 2008 World Cup. Anyways, I remember 2 years ago to the date I went running on St. Patrick's Day and found a $5 dollar which I still have. People always tell me how things like finding a $5 would happen to me. I was looking at some jewelry online last night and decided to see what anthropology and archaeology jobs were open in my state on and found many openings for teaching jobs at various colleges or archaeology openings with certain minimums of years of experience which is always typical in my job hunt for a job in the anthropology world but as I kept scrolling I found a job opening looking for anthropologists at a university for a temporary research. It was like what you see in the movies where the film is zoomed in to the job opening and rays of light are surrounding it and music of that "AAuuuwwww" (sp?) sound is playing. I finished my application today and thought maybe the luck of the Irish is with me and some saint like St. Jude and/or St. Cajetan were watching over me. Hopefully, I get it (or an interview b/c there self-assessment was long!!! It took like 20-30 minutes to finish) because if I can get a job in the anthropology world I can die happy, feel proud of myself and my hard work to get my anthropology degree was for something after all. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :D 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guy Code: Dating Profile Pix

Another guy code guys should follow is there dating profile and how simple/basic is key and etiquette to things such as messaging and profile picture. It annoys me when I get messages from ppl with more then one picture on their profile. Some guys will have single pictures of them which helps eliminate guessing who they are in the picture but some don't even post a single picture but instead post pictures with groups of people which I ignore b/c I 'm not going to waste my time talking to someone I don't even know what they look like even though there is a crop button where they could crop themselves so ppl like me have an idea of who they are. Also, guys who post pictures with girl annoys me too. Really now?! You expect me to message back with girls all over their pictures, even their profile. They may be just your friend but do I know that, no! For all I know they could be an ex (seen that before), a girl who is your friend that you have secretly been in love with forever but is dating another guy (or vice versa), your looking for another person to join you and your partner in some kinky thing (been message that b4) or whatever. My opinion is, no girls in your pictures please, I don't have any guys in my pictures and I don't want to wonder who are these girls and why are they in your picture/s. I once had this guy who messaged me b/c we were from the same city. Looking at his profile, this person had no pictures posted nor nothing written, just what they were looking for. I didn't messaged back but this online dating site lets you know when someone is looking at your profile so of course this person knew I was looking at their profile and messaged me back how if I wanted he could e-mail me some pixs, which creeped me out and I blocked him. Why didn't he just upload the pictures in the first place?!
Many guys always comment to me how my pictures are blurry but it doesn't bother me b/c I too am guilty of judging how people look in their pictures and what they have written on their profile. While many guys complain about how blurry my pictures are, other guys are complementing me on how I look in my pictures which I sometimes question b/c even I know my pictures aren't the best. I know a lot of guys are looking for an easy hookup or are just desperate which I am not the girl for any of those. I'm just looking to meet new people and see what happens, which is usually we talked for a while and then fizzle out. Only once did I met someone in person as you may recall.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guy Code: Texting vs. Calling

Looking through my online dating profile and still thinking about when to deactivate it, I realize that some guys need to follow guy code. I love the show Guy Code on MTV. For example, Gio used to try to call me which was kind of creepy. I know that's what phones are for but still I prefer text. When I get comfortable with a person then I don't mind talking on the phone. I love talking to Ben on the phone and even FaceTiming him. However, Gio would call right after I would tell him I couldn't hang, which would creep me out and annoy me. It would make me not want to hang out with him even more. I also met another person from the dating site whom I will call Francisco. We text here and there and one day as I enter my room, my sister said my phone was ringing and I looked and saw his name on my missed phone call. It kind of creeped me out because I didn't know know why he called and we had just started texting too. It turns out he just wanted to talk but I still prefer texting ppl like him. Maybe one day I will talk to him on the phone. I agree with Guy Code when they said how you should invite a girl over text because calling is creepy [nowadays]. What do you prefer? Guys/girls calling you or texting you when they want to invite you somewhere.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Insecurities and FaceTime

Last night my (Feb. 16) phone received a lot of messages from various people, including Ben. I wasn't sure if I wanted to respond to him because of what happened on V-Day. I was missing him and ignoring him for a day and half was long enough. I'm glad I messaged him back because now things are better. Here's how it went:

Ben: Hey, are you okay? :(

Me: Why?

 Ben: I hadn't heard from you and I was worried

Ben: How are you doing?

Me: In bed
(at the time I was really tired and half asleep so I thought the message said "What are you doing?)

Ben: Oh ok. Are you tired? I wanted to call but if you rather sleep its okay

Me: Lost voice

Ben: Oh no :(
What happened?

Me: Work

Ben: I'm sure kids are hard to work with. I was in ---- yesterday and I texted you wondering if you wanted lunch. Maybe another time.

Me: Oh

Ben: Is something wrong? Are you mad at me?

Me: No
Just crushed

Ben: Why? Talk to me please :(

Me: We didn't do anything for vday and I feel like lunch was just convenient, no offense

Ben: You don't have to worry about offending me, and you have every right to be mad. Are you sure I can't call so we can talk about it?

Me: Fine
(His messaged made me a little worried because he said it was okay to be mad at him. Okay? Really? It made me wonder what he had done V-Day so I was a little scared to talk to him but I did want some answers and a decent night's sleep.)

So the phone rang and I answered with my guard up. He explained about V-day and how sorry he was. What happened was he had class all day so he spent V-Day at school. I had his schedule wrong. I thought he went to school M,W, F and TH he had online class. I was close, I had Th and Fri mixed up. So he said Friday was his version of Valentine's Day with me. He wanted to take me to a vegan restaurant and later to this frozen yogurt place. He just didn't know how to ask really because he said he was rejected a lot in high school by girls like me. I thought this was kind of cute and funny since I did not go out at all in high school. Guys were nvr interested in taking me out on a date in high school. While he let his past of rejection get the best of him, I let my own insecurities get the best of me. I have trust issues with guys since my ex broke my hurt really badly. So instead of trusting Ben, I let my insecurities of guys get the best of me. I thought him inviting me to lunch was nothing more than just lunch since he is always inviting ppl to lunch. He was just nervous and didn't know how to ask me. Aw, so I felt bad that I ignored him but at the time I had imagine the worst. So we are talking again now and even FaceTime that night. So now he talk on the phone or FaceTime. I had never FaceTime before that which is funny since I am trying to blog about the Social side of anthropology. I like Facetime being able to see the person except WiFi suxs at my house so sometimes WiFi connection gets lost. I'm glad I talk to Ben in the end because we now know each other a little better. <3