Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Is it true that Irish are lucky and that the saying "Luck of the Irish" has some truth to it? Well for me, I believe in the luck of the Irish, being part Irish. I'm also a big fan of the R. of Ireland soccer/futbol team and we were defiantly robbed of the 2008 World Cup. Anyways, I remember 2 years ago to the date I went running on St. Patrick's Day and found a $5 dollar which I still have. People always tell me how things like finding a $5 would happen to me. I was looking at some jewelry online last night and decided to see what anthropology and archaeology jobs were open in my state on and found many openings for teaching jobs at various colleges or archaeology openings with certain minimums of years of experience which is always typical in my job hunt for a job in the anthropology world but as I kept scrolling I found a job opening looking for anthropologists at a university for a temporary research. It was like what you see in the movies where the film is zoomed in to the job opening and rays of light are surrounding it and music of that "AAuuuwwww" (sp?) sound is playing. I finished my application today and thought maybe the luck of the Irish is with me and some saint like St. Jude and/or St. Cajetan were watching over me. Hopefully, I get it (or an interview b/c there self-assessment was long!!! It took like 20-30 minutes to finish) because if I can get a job in the anthropology world I can die happy, feel proud of myself and my hard work to get my anthropology degree was for something after all. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :D 

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