Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guy Code: Texting vs. Calling

Looking through my online dating profile and still thinking about when to deactivate it, I realize that some guys need to follow guy code. I love the show Guy Code on MTV. For example, Gio used to try to call me which was kind of creepy. I know that's what phones are for but still I prefer text. When I get comfortable with a person then I don't mind talking on the phone. I love talking to Ben on the phone and even FaceTiming him. However, Gio would call right after I would tell him I couldn't hang, which would creep me out and annoy me. It would make me not want to hang out with him even more. I also met another person from the dating site whom I will call Francisco. We text here and there and one day as I enter my room, my sister said my phone was ringing and I looked and saw his name on my missed phone call. It kind of creeped me out because I didn't know know why he called and we had just started texting too. It turns out he just wanted to talk but I still prefer texting ppl like him. Maybe one day I will talk to him on the phone. I agree with Guy Code when they said how you should invite a girl over text because calling is creepy [nowadays]. What do you prefer? Guys/girls calling you or texting you when they want to invite you somewhere.


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