Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anxious and Stressed

So I'm tight on money right now, go figure.  The cash I did have, I spent some on UGG slippers and leather boots but they were a great price.  I do have cash but if I buy the lamination machine that's about $22 gone, movie theater gift card $43 gone. There's $65 right there.  I could wait for my next pay check but I don't know how much that will be.  I need to pick up more assignments from my other job that would help too!  I still need to file my taxes so I don't how much that will cost either.  Maybe I'll skip laminating the garland and buy maybe 1 set of movie tickets which is about $17.  I want to have cash in case of emergency and enough for Ben's birthday, if we do some sort of dinner for his birthday.  I was thinking sushi so I def need money for that.  However, I think I found outfits for Ben's birthday and Valentine's day so that's another thing I don't need to worry about, I hope.  I ordered them online and charged it with my store credit card so I'll be most likely paying that next month so there's half of a paycheck there. I usually wouldn't spend $25 on a top and especially one that I haven't tried in person but they looked cute and I wanted to treat myself because I've been feeling anxious, stressed and having anxiety since I've submitted my master's application.  I'm worried that one of my professors might not write a letter of recommendation because I keep getting forward e-mails from the college asking about the letter still! :/  I wished I would asked one more person to be on the safe side and I'm surprised I didn't but it's too late now and a lesson learned.  And then I keep thinking about my essays and things I should of said and added, etc.  I keep worrying that it won't meet there standards and then getting rejected would devastate me and ruin future plans I had of finding a full-time job.  I'm glad Ben looked over my essays because he did find spelling errors and pointed out awkward sentences but still I'm worried that it wasn't good enough for the decision process.  But I wasn't planning on applying for the March admission either so maybe they would take that into consideration and see that I can get the job done with little amount of time because I literally had days to finish my application when they called and asked me to consider for the March program instead of May but then maybe if I do get rejected I can try for the May or September program.  Only time will tell what will become of me and my future!  But it does feel good to have that off my chest and now I can focus on Ben's birthday and Valentine's day and oh yeah one of my classes started yesterday so I need to focus on that too.  I didn't realize that my other class didn't start till March but that's okay, it gives me a chance to settle into my other class.  I finally get into the two classes I wanted and after these two classes (assuming I pass them of course), then I'll just need one more for one of the certificates at the college I'm taking it at.  However, I might have to drop them if I get into the master's program because I don't how those classes will be like and what kind of work it will require.  Hopefully I can balance those two classes with work, master's program, my love life, and my life in general.  The classes end in May and if I don't wait till the last minute to do my assignments then I think it's doable.  I really hope I get into the master's program, it can open many doors for me later in life, even an anthropology job!

Finally FaceTime


So Ben and I FacedTime finally Friday night and into Saturday morning.  We talked to like 1:30 AM!  I haven't faced time since October!  I'm pretty sure we only FaceTime because he saw me talking to people on social media and saw my post wishing I was out.  Anyways I'm just glad we finally talked.  So now I have no idea how I'm going to pull of my Valentine's Day plan now?! :/  So Ben told me how his student teaching was going and how he goes M-F and has class I believe every other Tuesday and then Thursday nights.  But anyways, I don't know how I'm going to pull it off the Valentine's Day plan.  My plan was to tie the penguin garland across his gate and have a balloon tied and then maybe put some more penguin/owl cards on his car.  And then he was to wake up and then be surprised but now he has student teaching M-F, even though he said Friday was optional for him.  So now I guess I'll have to do it before he comes back home but I was hoping to do it when none of his parents were there so there's an awkward encounter but hopefully that doesn't happen or I could come up with another plan but I can't think of any and I spent a lot of time already putting the penguins together.  I went to the stores today to see what kind of Valentine's Day stuff they have and I found some cute Valentine's Stickers I can put on the penguin's stomach because I'm still debating if I should put "Waddle I'll do without you?" on the penguins.  I don't know, I'll figure it out.  I also was looking for a Valentine's Day shirt but didn't seen any I like so far, plus I'm not filling my hair ever since I cut it.  I'm probably going to need something for Ben's birthday too but Idk what I'm going to do.  I was thinking brunch but now he has student teaching so maybe a dinner Friday night since his birthday is on Saturday but knowing him, he will have tons of options and plans.  Plus he should know I'm not into birthdays in general.  I did after all denied my birthday to him though he claims he was going along with it but I don't know, I did ask him what day my birthday was and he picked the fake one.  But that's in the past.  Back to Ben's birthday, so I got him a Pokémon t shirt, a Huichol owl and Ra bird.  I still need to get movie tickets/gift cards and I need to do that soon because Valentine's Day is coming up soon and already stuff today were selling out when I went to the store before work.  And not to mention still put together the garland.

Friday, January 17, 2014


So Ben FINALLY wants to FaceTime with me...geeze I wonder why?!  So I logged onto my social media account to comment on a friend's picture and saw that Ben had once again changed his profile picture.  This picture PISSED me off 1.  It was during winter break and I only hung out with him ONCE and literally the last weekend too of winter break 2.  He was all smiles next to a girl in the picture, it was some sort of party and yet he never suggests to take pictures with me to make for his profile picture and I even tagged him in pictures from the wedding :( and he hasn't even liked them or commented on them. 3.  If it was her birthday, then I'm a little hurt because he didn't do anything really special for my birthday, even though I'm partially to blame but he had an extra month too and still NADA!!!  So I continued to talk to the friend that I had commented on their picture because I knew it would make him jealous since this friend did like me while we were all in college together.  I would have changed my profile picture too but I didn't have any that I liked so far and I would have preferred to change it with a guy in it too but that can always wait.  So then I made an innuendo on my status commenting on how it must be nice to go out tonight (because it would be nice to go out, even if it's by myself or with Ben but of course I have to wait till next month for that) which I had my gbf (in this case, I'm using it as guy best friend) comment on it.  He said how to keep working on my application and that he was the only guy for me and added smiley faces.  I responded back to how I had three days left for my application and also how there is another show at the museum and how we should go since Ben blew me off for the January show.  Then my gbf said to meet him in 15 minutes so he can help me with my application and how his laptop is faster then mine.  And so we ended the conversation there and literally a minute later Ben texted me.

Jan. 17, 8:09 PM
Ben: So what are you doing?
I didn't respond because I have to make it seem like I'm out with my gbf.  Plus he makes me wait forever for a response  We decided to conduct this plan because he thinks it's sad that we only go out once month and how Ben always said we'll have another date night sometime later in a week or two after our date but never do.  My gbf knows how hurt I've been in the past and wanted to help.  He also thinks it's also sad that Ben hasn't even offered to help with my master's application, even though I told him I didn't ask but still he thinks Ben should have at least offered without being told since he is supposedly "my bf."  So Ben thinks I'm out right now with some guy.  He even texted me twice after that with smiley faces and love messages so our planned work. :P  But it's also kind of sad that I have to talk to other guys through social media to get his attention. :/

Jan 17, 8:52 PM
Ben:  Well if you're not busy maybe we can FaceTime tonight :)
Ben:  I have to tell you about my week lol

Me:  Maybe in an hr or so
Ben: Okay then.  Just let me know I'll be here.  Love you :)

So I wonder why Ben all of a sudden has time for me and wants to not just talk to me, BUT FaceTime me?!  And I wonder why he made sure to put in his messages how he's here for me and loves me with a smiley message?!  Was it because of what my gbf and I posted?  OMG Ben!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO RESTORT TO ACTIONS LIKE THESE TO GET YOUR ATTENTION?   A part of me doesn't even want to message you back about FaceTime because 1.  I'm pissed off that this is how I have to get your attention 2.  I REALLY need to finish my application 3.  You never bothered to FaceTime me like you said you would during New's Years so 4.  I want him to feel how I feel when I want to talk to you but hear nothing from you and how sad I felt realizing you were never going to FaceTime me.

I know I'm being immature but am I really?!  He only acts like a "boyfriend" once a month and when I talk to other guys online.  In the meantime, I have less then 72 hours to write three essays, ask 2 professor for letters of recommendation and update my resume...sigh :/


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did I Cheat?

So last night I was pretty much on the phone till 2 AM!  And it wasn't with Ben either!!!  Coming home from work yesterday, I texted someone who I meant through OkCupid years ago and at first, it was your basic conversation with how are you and what are you up to questions.  I texted him because I wanted to talk to someone and I knew I wouldn't hear from Ben till whenever he feels like it.  Then we talked about school and then I told him about my current situation with my education.  Then I didn't hear from him but then Ben texted me around 10 and I was hoping to talk to him because I really wanted his opinion on my current situation but I didn't get anything more then 2 texts.  About 15 minutes later, I heard back from the person I meant online and he was giving me his opinion on my current situation and then we ended talking on the phone because he said it was easier to talk then texted really long paragraphs so we ended up talking all through the morning till my phone kept losing connection and then it died.  We talked about my schooling situation then things like are interests, past relationships, etc.  I told him about my infamous ex and how controlling and jealous he was and about  Ben and how we only hang out like once month because he's always busy and tired for me but not for other people.  I even texted Ben and picture of the dog from the movie Up with a caption that said "I was under your porch because I love you," because I was missing him and wishing it was Ben on the phone but I never heard from him sadly.  A part of me feels guilty I was on the phone with someone else because it wasn't Ben but a part of me doesn't because someone actually wanted to talk to me and help me and Ben always talks to other people on the phone, sometimes when we are on a date too!!! I technically didn't do anything wrong, I just talked on the phone and Ben has never asked me officially to be his girlfriend.  I wanted Ben to help me with my application this weekend, such as spell check, but at this point, it's probably a waste a time to ask him.  I'm sure I can find other people who can help me with my application, like the person from OkCupid. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

March Madness

My new counselor for my master's application called me today and wanted to know if I was interested in applying for the March quarter.  I said yes and so now I really have to get my application done this weekend!!! And of course I accomplished nothing last week! :/ I'm a little nervous applying for the March quarter because 1.  I thought it was an online program, which it is but it's a web camera online class, as in I have to be on the computer by a certain time so Idk how that's going to work out since I'm working 2.  I'm taking spring classes which start the Jan. 25th but looks like I might have to drop those or Idk if I can balance those classes with work and masters 3. Money, it's so expensive! 4.  If I even have the right classes.  I don't want to apply then find out I don't have the right classes :(March is going to be a crazy month if I get accepted in the master's program!!! I don't know if I should go with the March application or play it safe and stay with the May application but both have  their disadvantage and advantages.  For example, March I can finish the program faster and get the summer off but disadvantages are I don't how it will balance with work and if I have everything for the March program.  The advantages for the May application, are I can still relax and enjoy life till May, take the spring classes, and have more time to finish my application Disadvantages are it will take longer to finish, more people are applying, and I might have to take classes in the summer, though that could be advantage to me.  Ugh, March madness for sure!!!  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Plan Working

So my plan of selectively responding to Ben's text has been working.  He's been texting more actually which of course I have responded to about half.  Last night for example:

Jan 11 8:30 PM
Ben: I miss you
-I waited for an hour to respond since these types of messages I'll respond too of course :)

Jan 11 9:53 PM
Me: I miss you

Jan 12 12:44 AM
Ben: I love you
Me: <3
I responded right away to through him off and to hopefully have a short conversation, but nope.

Jan 12 2:25 PM
Ben: I hope you're having a great day
-I didn't respond because I had family over when I received the message and decided to wait later.

Jan 12 4:42
Ben: Early birthday present lol
-He also sent a picture of a birthday present wrapped in Hello Kitty.  I haven't responded from any messages today because I'm not going to lie, that pictured kind of made me mad and jealous because 1.  Who gave him a really REALLY early birthday present and wrapped in Hello Kitty wrapping paper?! A girl most likely!!! -__- 2.  Why is this person giving him an early birthday present with Hello Kitty wrapping paper?! 3.  When did this individual give him this present?! Is this why we didn't have date tonight this week????!!!!! Where you hanging out with this person instead of me this weekend?!  I know Ben has a lot of girlfriends which is fine but sometimes I wonder if some of them have other motives, like split us up so they can be with Ben.  I wouldn't be surprised because being a girl, I know how girls think and work sometimes.  Ugh this sucks, that picture was kind of a slap to my face because judging from the picture it's rectangler shape and so I'm guessing a picture frame.  I hope it's not a homemade one either.  Man, I hope it isn't a picture frame because now my Coach apple keychain looks like a copycat but a way smaller version.  And I still need a picture for it too :( and to make matters worse time is ticking for my masters application and I still need to ask for letters of recommendation!!!  Ugh, my life right now is so stressful and complex, I can't wait for spring break, then it will be a nice week off from school and work (hopefully) and Ben's birthday, Valentine's day, and application will be done and over with by then. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last night, at 11:58 PM, I received a text from Ben saying how he missed me and how he had fun last Friday.  Being ticked off at him, I ignored it.  It mad me mad because we could have been dancing the night away and it made me wonder if he was out with other people.  I also didn't respond because there was a 50/50 chance that he wouldn't respond back, so I didn't respond.  I thought about sending him a message today but decided not to because I'm ticked off at him and so he can get a sample of how it feels to send a message and not hear back from the receiver.

Yesterday, after work I bought those Hello Kitty marshmallow pops.  I was surprised with how little there was left of them.  So it's a good thing I didn't wait.  Maybe they have more in the back but why take that risk.  I bought two and they are really cute and squishy, so there still fresh and smell sweet and amazing.  They also don't expire till 2015 so I don't have to worry about them being hard by Valentine's Day. So there is one for Ben and one for my mom because she likes those marshmallow pops too.  I also bought today a Pokémon tee and a Huichol owl figurine for his anthropology world figurine collection.  I didn't know what sized to get him for the tee because I don't know if the shirts run big or small, so I went with XL.  It would have been nice to gone on a date with him so I can try to find out his shirt size.  If it's big, he can use it as a sleep shirt and if its too small, maybe if he gives it back, I can give it to my brother but I don't know if he'll wear it out lol but he can always sleep in it.  So now I just need to finish my garland, maybe get some See's Candies chocolate, movie tickets, and a laminate machine.  I hope the laminate machine laminates construction, if not, then I guess the garland doesn't need to be laminated, and a balloon (probably Hello Kitty or some sort of Valentine's Day bird), the balloon can wait till Valentine's Day though.  And on top of all this, I still need to finish my masters application!!! I hope I'm not wasting my time with all the things I plan to do with Ben.  I kind of don't want to do anything special for his birthday too, since it's close to Valentine's Day and he'll be busy with his friends and family on his actually birthday.  I was thinking of celebrating with him early on in the week but I don't know now since he kind of blew me off yesterday and he has work and school.  I know I'm being mean and selfish but I just don't like birthdays in general.

Friday, January 10, 2014


So it's Friday and I'm home. I haven't heard from Ben so no surprise there.  I really wanted to go to the dance and concert event because one of the bands looked interesting and I have heard some of there songs before but he probably thinks it's okay to miss tonight because they have one every month.  Still, for being a self proclaimed romantic he hasn't really done anything over the top romantic for me.  All we really do is go to dinner which is what I do with other guys when I would go out with then and maybe a movie afterwards.  At this point, he is kind of like the rest of the guys I've gone out with.  However the only things we did that was different was when we went to the comedy club (which was our first official date) and more recently the Christmas lights.  Thinking about it, the only thing that I would say that he has done that was romantic for me was wait in line at Comic Con to get a picture of Tyler H. who plays Derek Hall on MTV's Teen Wolf so that was sweet of him.  I was looking forward to tonight but it's going to be a disappointment night. :(

For some reason the universe won't let me move on from my stupid ex!!! Today when I was checking my e-mails there was one spam mail and it was from him, well kind of.  I'm pretty sure it's one of those hacked/spam e-mails, either for some sort if vitamin or sex pill because that has happened before.  This one said in the subject header "How are you XXX(my username)."  So I don't think he actually sent it, nor do I think he wants to know how I'm doing.  I don't open those e-mails because I don't want to get a virus on my computer.  I haven't heard from him in years and if he wanted to send me a message, it would probably be through social media and I think he's married now so he would def. not want to talk to me and nor do I want to talk to him.  I wish I could just forget about him but I can't when I keep getting stupid hacked/spam e-mails from him.  I wish he would delete me from his account or deactivate his account because I'm pretty sure it's been hacked and the reason why I keep getting unwanted e-mails from him.  I'm trying to move on from him like he has but the universe just won't let me. :/

This day has been such a disappointment, first the e-mail from my ex and then Ben not wanting to go to the museum dance/concert by not messaging me.  At least right now there's free HBO on TV so that helps ease the pain.  :/

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Making Progress...Sort Of

I finally have finished ordering transcripts from all the colleges I went to, so I'm making progress with my application, sort of.  I still need to ask my professors for letters of recommendation and revise my resume, etc, so I still have a lot to do but been lagging the important stuff!!!  I'm going to try to at least finish two things of my application by the end of this week.  It looks like it's possible since I don't think I'll be having date night with Ben this weekend.  He finally texted me yesterday at night.  It said, "<3 love you," so  at least I finally heard from him but haven't heard from him since, so no date night manana, I guess. :(

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Text Me...Plz

I haven't heard from Ben since date night on Friday!!! I know he just started school this week and a new job but still, he can't take a second to send me a message like a heart or "I miss you."  I wonder if he is trying to avoid/ignore me as a way of not going to the concert/dance at the museum this Friday.  He could just tell me and we could go another month.  I really wanted to go this month before I get really busy but I could be cruel and go with someone else and post it online. 

Please Ben, text me, this silence treatment is breaking my heart and Valentine's Day is getting close too!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zora's Birthday

Happy 123rd birthday to fellow anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston!!! :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Heart on a String

While getting ready for work this morning I Googled many craft ideas for Valentine's Day.  For work, I plan on making a construction paper heart wreath and a coloring page of cupid that I'll probably have cut out so it can be hung on a string along with the wreath.  It would be cute for kids to make and then they can take it home and display it.  I found some wiggle ideas today and there's enough for 6 penguins and an owl I plan on surprising Ben with.  I saw a Valentine's Day garland that inspired me to make one for Ben.  To me, it's the perfect idea to make a garland because I can tie it along his gate.  So my idea is to have the penguins on the garland with either hearts and/or XOs.  I saw a garland on someone's blog and the person made the XOs out of toilet paper rolls.  I was thinking of doing that too maybe but if I don't have time then either just hearts and/or XOs made out of construction paper will do just fine.  I plan on putting the owl on his car as an another surprise.  Of course, assuming his car is there, if not, then maybe on his window or somewhere on the gate.  Now I need to finish making the penguins, write sayings (I'm debating what they should say, so far Waddle I'll do without you" or "Be mine"), getting them laminated and then strung! And I need to get this done while going to school and work and applying for my masters!!! Aye, I need to get a move on it.  Time is ticking...

Also today, the mini Ra bird statue came in the mail today and I hope he likes it.  It's for his world wide figurine collection that he wants to display one day in his class.  He told me this when we were on a date at the museum and looking at the gift shop.  He told me how he has a clay terracotta solider from China.  I remember he told me this but I thought it was mini like the Ra statue but I saw it the other day and it was WAY bigger then I imagined!  Oh well, it's the though that counts.       

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Schedule

Winter break is now over and I'll be returning to work tomorrow.  School will start later this month so then I'll be balancing two online classes, work and my master's application.  There is so much to do and so little time.  On top of that I want to get back into shape.  I don't like how I put off exercising to prep for work or to finish an assignment so I'm going to need to stop waiting to the last minute to complete an assignment.  I found two classes that I'm interested in taking at the gym so those should be motivation to do assignments ahead of time.  I want to take a yoga class so I can start stretching again and be more flexible and also a turbo kick class so I have a cardio class to get my heart rate up and both classes should help with toning too.  When I feel good I feel better about myself and have more confidence to do things so these classes should help.  Hopefully I can attend these classes.  And hopefully I can get most of my application done before work gets hectic and before schools starts up again.  I also haven't heard from Ben all weekend too! I kept sending him messages of hearts but nothing so far! I hope he isn't mad at me or something! :/

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Pebble

So I wrote the last post in the morning while I was still mad at Ben.  However, yesterday he texted me in the afternoon and wonder if 6:30PM was good for date night so we did have date night Friday night after all.  We went to a Thai restaurant and then watched The Pebble and the Penguin afterwards.  Marina is Hubie's love interest and so Ben said he was Hubie and I was Marina because she too had green eyes like me he said.  This melted my heart because he knows what color my eyes are.  Though he did kind of killed the mood when he told me how he was hanging out with friends yesterday who were girls and there was 3 of them.  I knew it he was out with other people but I'll let it go.  I know he loves me and to me I would describe ourselves like Penny and Leonard from the Big Bang Theory.  Penny can do better looks wise but personality and intelligence probably not.  And like what Leonard said in an episode that he won't ever find a prettier girlfriend like Penny ever again so I like to think the same thing with Ben.  But idk sometimes I think he can and girls sometimes want a guy more that  is taken too but I hope Ben truly loves me because I can't imagine finding another guy like Ben again.   

I ordered him a mini Ra bird statue the other day for his birthday and I'm still going back and forth if I want to get him those Beanie Babies or not.  I want to get him another figurine and I saw a Huichol turtle but it cost $35 and I still need to order transcripts and pay for spring classes so maybe another time.  I also tried to get pictures for his keychain last night but didn't get any pictures I liked so far so hopefully maybe if we go next out week I can get better ones but school and work will be starting so he'll probably be tired and/or busy to want to go the museum after hours event.  I still need to get those penguins laminated too and buy wiggly eyes so my Valentine's Day plan gets moving. 

Hanging out with Ben last night made me want to continue pursuing my master's.  I order transcripts but still need to order more but can't till I have paid my classes for the spring.  There's still a lot I need to do such as write 3 essays, ask for letters of recommendation, fix/update my resume and so on.  I hope I can get it but I'm worried I might not have the right undergraduate classes in history and science. :/   I don't plan on going to the gym tonight because I want to keep working on my application but I need coffee and my room is a mess and is distracting me.  Going to the gym would also be crowded with the New Year's resolution newbies and they tend to take and hog all the machines no offense.  And I go back to work next week so the more I can get done with my application this weekend the better! So much to do and so little time!!!   

Just Checking


So Ben finally texted me this morning at 2:08 AM!  I'm guessing he probably texted me after coming home from whatever he was doing.  I almost didn't respond because I was still ticked off at him because I hadn't heard from all day.  The conversation went:

2:08 AM
Ben: <3
Me: <3
Ben: Tomorrow night <3
Me: ?
( I wanted him to clarify what he meant by tomorrow night.  Did he mean tomorrow night we'll Face Time or date night.)
Ben: We're still going out right?
Me: Just checking

I was hoping to go out tonight but I guess I should be happy with Saturday night since it's better then not going out at all.  I'm sure he has other plans for tonight and typical Ben scheduled me in for Saturday night before we go back to school and work.  Thanks Ben for waiting till the last minute to go out with me.  Some "boyfriend" you are. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year and Same Routine

It's a new year and already things with Ben feel like they are going down the same routine.  We were suppose to FaceTimeime last night but we never did.  I'm giving him a pass since it was New Year's and he was  probably tired.  However, I feel things are still the same between us.  He talked about date night for today or Friday but it looks like it isn't going to be today.  Plus, I think Thursday nights is his "guy's night" so Idk why he would he even suggest date night for Thursday.  Hopefully Friday we have date night.  I want to make it official with us like introducing him to my parents but to me it feels like we are one of those couples in the beginning stages of going out by going out once in a while and seeing where things go from there.  It's one thing to be busy but it's Winter Break right now and there's no work or school so you would think we would have been out more but nope.  And to make matters worse he is always hanging out with other people and then posting it online but yet he just "schedules" me a date night once a month if I'm lucky.  I don't know what to do.  I feel under appreciated at times, especially when other guys want to hang out with me.  Like right now, 2 guys want to hang out with me but I decline because of Ben but yet I'm home or at the gym while Ben is out and about with other people, and sometimes girls too.  Not that I mind because I know guys can have friends that are girls but it still stings that I have to wait and wonder when our next date night will be.  Maybe I should go out with other people and post it online so he gets a clue at least because if your going to call me your "girlfriend" then act like my "boyfriend."   

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paper Hearts


So I pretty much have an idea what I'm going to do for Ben's birthday and Valentine's day.  For his birthday I plan on getting him a figurine from somewhere, like an Egyptian figurine or a Mayan since he likes figurines from other places and wants to decorate his future classroom with them.  I haven't decided which one to get him because there are so many to choose from.  I'll probably go for the Mayan one first since it's the cheapest and in the future an Egyptian one since there are tons online, even though I'm trying to stop buying unnecessary things online.  That is probably going to be one of my new year's resolution goals.  For Valentine's day I have started working on making penguin and owl valentine's day figures out if construction paper.  He likes birds so that's why I'm making owl and penguin construction paper ones.  Then I'm going to write sayings on them like "Owl love you forever" and "waddle I'll do without you" and then hopefully I'll get them laminated so they last longer because I want to decorate his outside gate with them and if he isn't working his car too.  I need more red construction paper and wiggly eyes for the owl and penguins and of course a lamination machine.  There's a lamination machine for $20 at Costco but I wonder if it would be cheaper to bring them into a store that does lamination.  So that's what I've been working on the last few days instead of my application for the master's program or cleaning my room or prepping for work (like making posters, etc.).  At least I'm almost done expect for the things I need so when work and school beings I don't have to spend that much time finishing the details of my plan.

Ben also wanted date night either this Thursday or Friday.  He doesn't know how tired he'll be from New's Years, so I'm guessing Friday, even though I would prefer Thursday because less crowds but I'll take what I can get.  Then hopefully I can get a nice picture of us so I can put it in the apple Coach key chain I got for Valentine's day.  I also still need to buy the My Little Pony and Hello Kitty Beanie Baby and marshmallow pop but those can wait a tad bit longer because I still need to pay for my spring classes and I have already spent more then what I wanted to this month!!!
I also suggested another date night for the 10th at a museum.  Being an anthropology major, dancing among artifacts seems pretty fun (though it's going to be in a safe designated area of course)!  On the first Friday of each month they do things like guest speakers, concerts and dances after museum hours.  I saw it in a school newspaper and always wanted to go to an event but never got a chance.  I suggested it and Ben liked it so we might do that do.  Hopefully the DJ is good, if not there's one in February.  Now I need to figure out what to wear!!! :)