Monday, January 6, 2014

My Heart on a String

While getting ready for work this morning I Googled many craft ideas for Valentine's Day.  For work, I plan on making a construction paper heart wreath and a coloring page of cupid that I'll probably have cut out so it can be hung on a string along with the wreath.  It would be cute for kids to make and then they can take it home and display it.  I found some wiggle ideas today and there's enough for 6 penguins and an owl I plan on surprising Ben with.  I saw a Valentine's Day garland that inspired me to make one for Ben.  To me, it's the perfect idea to make a garland because I can tie it along his gate.  So my idea is to have the penguins on the garland with either hearts and/or XOs.  I saw a garland on someone's blog and the person made the XOs out of toilet paper rolls.  I was thinking of doing that too maybe but if I don't have time then either just hearts and/or XOs made out of construction paper will do just fine.  I plan on putting the owl on his car as an another surprise.  Of course, assuming his car is there, if not, then maybe on his window or somewhere on the gate.  Now I need to finish making the penguins, write sayings (I'm debating what they should say, so far Waddle I'll do without you" or "Be mine"), getting them laminated and then strung! And I need to get this done while going to school and work and applying for my masters!!! Aye, I need to get a move on it.  Time is ticking...

Also today, the mini Ra bird statue came in the mail today and I hope he likes it.  It's for his world wide figurine collection that he wants to display one day in his class.  He told me this when we were on a date at the museum and looking at the gift shop.  He told me how he has a clay terracotta solider from China.  I remember he told me this but I thought it was mini like the Ra statue but I saw it the other day and it was WAY bigger then I imagined!  Oh well, it's the though that counts.       

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