Tuesday, January 14, 2014

March Madness

My new counselor for my master's application called me today and wanted to know if I was interested in applying for the March quarter.  I said yes and so now I really have to get my application done this weekend!!! And of course I accomplished nothing last week! :/ I'm a little nervous applying for the March quarter because 1.  I thought it was an online program, which it is but it's a web camera online class, as in I have to be on the computer by a certain time so Idk how that's going to work out since I'm working 2.  I'm taking spring classes which start the Jan. 25th but looks like I might have to drop those or Idk if I can balance those classes with work and masters 3. Money, it's so expensive! 4.  If I even have the right classes.  I don't want to apply then find out I don't have the right classes :(March is going to be a crazy month if I get accepted in the master's program!!! I don't know if I should go with the March application or play it safe and stay with the May application but both have  their disadvantage and advantages.  For example, March I can finish the program faster and get the summer off but disadvantages are I don't how it will balance with work and if I have everything for the March program.  The advantages for the May application, are I can still relax and enjoy life till May, take the spring classes, and have more time to finish my application Disadvantages are it will take longer to finish, more people are applying, and I might have to take classes in the summer, though that could be advantage to me.  Ugh, March madness for sure!!!  

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