Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Schedule

Winter break is now over and I'll be returning to work tomorrow.  School will start later this month so then I'll be balancing two online classes, work and my master's application.  There is so much to do and so little time.  On top of that I want to get back into shape.  I don't like how I put off exercising to prep for work or to finish an assignment so I'm going to need to stop waiting to the last minute to complete an assignment.  I found two classes that I'm interested in taking at the gym so those should be motivation to do assignments ahead of time.  I want to take a yoga class so I can start stretching again and be more flexible and also a turbo kick class so I have a cardio class to get my heart rate up and both classes should help with toning too.  When I feel good I feel better about myself and have more confidence to do things so these classes should help.  Hopefully I can attend these classes.  And hopefully I can get most of my application done before work gets hectic and before schools starts up again.  I also haven't heard from Ben all weekend too! I kept sending him messages of hearts but nothing so far! I hope he isn't mad at me or something! :/

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