Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year and Same Routine

It's a new year and already things with Ben feel like they are going down the same routine.  We were suppose to FaceTimeime last night but we never did.  I'm giving him a pass since it was New Year's and he was  probably tired.  However, I feel things are still the same between us.  He talked about date night for today or Friday but it looks like it isn't going to be today.  Plus, I think Thursday nights is his "guy's night" so Idk why he would he even suggest date night for Thursday.  Hopefully Friday we have date night.  I want to make it official with us like introducing him to my parents but to me it feels like we are one of those couples in the beginning stages of going out by going out once in a while and seeing where things go from there.  It's one thing to be busy but it's Winter Break right now and there's no work or school so you would think we would have been out more but nope.  And to make matters worse he is always hanging out with other people and then posting it online but yet he just "schedules" me a date night once a month if I'm lucky.  I don't know what to do.  I feel under appreciated at times, especially when other guys want to hang out with me.  Like right now, 2 guys want to hang out with me but I decline because of Ben but yet I'm home or at the gym while Ben is out and about with other people, and sometimes girls too.  Not that I mind because I know guys can have friends that are girls but it still stings that I have to wait and wonder when our next date night will be.  Maybe I should go out with other people and post it online so he gets a clue at least because if your going to call me your "girlfriend" then act like my "boyfriend."   

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