Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just Checking


So Ben finally texted me this morning at 2:08 AM!  I'm guessing he probably texted me after coming home from whatever he was doing.  I almost didn't respond because I was still ticked off at him because I hadn't heard from all day.  The conversation went:

2:08 AM
Ben: <3
Me: <3
Ben: Tomorrow night <3
Me: ?
( I wanted him to clarify what he meant by tomorrow night.  Did he mean tomorrow night we'll Face Time or date night.)
Ben: We're still going out right?
Me: Just checking

I was hoping to go out tonight but I guess I should be happy with Saturday night since it's better then not going out at all.  I'm sure he has other plans for tonight and typical Ben scheduled me in for Saturday night before we go back to school and work.  Thanks Ben for waiting till the last minute to go out with me.  Some "boyfriend" you are. 

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