Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finally FaceTime


So Ben and I FacedTime finally Friday night and into Saturday morning.  We talked to like 1:30 AM!  I haven't faced time since October!  I'm pretty sure we only FaceTime because he saw me talking to people on social media and saw my post wishing I was out.  Anyways I'm just glad we finally talked.  So now I have no idea how I'm going to pull of my Valentine's Day plan now?! :/  So Ben told me how his student teaching was going and how he goes M-F and has class I believe every other Tuesday and then Thursday nights.  But anyways, I don't know how I'm going to pull it off the Valentine's Day plan.  My plan was to tie the penguin garland across his gate and have a balloon tied and then maybe put some more penguin/owl cards on his car.  And then he was to wake up and then be surprised but now he has student teaching M-F, even though he said Friday was optional for him.  So now I guess I'll have to do it before he comes back home but I was hoping to do it when none of his parents were there so there's an awkward encounter but hopefully that doesn't happen or I could come up with another plan but I can't think of any and I spent a lot of time already putting the penguins together.  I went to the stores today to see what kind of Valentine's Day stuff they have and I found some cute Valentine's Stickers I can put on the penguin's stomach because I'm still debating if I should put "Waddle I'll do without you?" on the penguins.  I don't know, I'll figure it out.  I also was looking for a Valentine's Day shirt but didn't seen any I like so far, plus I'm not filling my hair ever since I cut it.  I'm probably going to need something for Ben's birthday too but Idk what I'm going to do.  I was thinking brunch but now he has student teaching so maybe a dinner Friday night since his birthday is on Saturday but knowing him, he will have tons of options and plans.  Plus he should know I'm not into birthdays in general.  I did after all denied my birthday to him though he claims he was going along with it but I don't know, I did ask him what day my birthday was and he picked the fake one.  But that's in the past.  Back to Ben's birthday, so I got him a Pokémon t shirt, a Huichol owl and Ra bird.  I still need to get movie tickets/gift cards and I need to do that soon because Valentine's Day is coming up soon and already stuff today were selling out when I went to the store before work.  And not to mention still put together the garland.

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