Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last night, at 11:58 PM, I received a text from Ben saying how he missed me and how he had fun last Friday.  Being ticked off at him, I ignored it.  It mad me mad because we could have been dancing the night away and it made me wonder if he was out with other people.  I also didn't respond because there was a 50/50 chance that he wouldn't respond back, so I didn't respond.  I thought about sending him a message today but decided not to because I'm ticked off at him and so he can get a sample of how it feels to send a message and not hear back from the receiver.

Yesterday, after work I bought those Hello Kitty marshmallow pops.  I was surprised with how little there was left of them.  So it's a good thing I didn't wait.  Maybe they have more in the back but why take that risk.  I bought two and they are really cute and squishy, so there still fresh and smell sweet and amazing.  They also don't expire till 2015 so I don't have to worry about them being hard by Valentine's Day. So there is one for Ben and one for my mom because she likes those marshmallow pops too.  I also bought today a Pokémon tee and a Huichol owl figurine for his anthropology world figurine collection.  I didn't know what sized to get him for the tee because I don't know if the shirts run big or small, so I went with XL.  It would have been nice to gone on a date with him so I can try to find out his shirt size.  If it's big, he can use it as a sleep shirt and if its too small, maybe if he gives it back, I can give it to my brother but I don't know if he'll wear it out lol but he can always sleep in it.  So now I just need to finish my garland, maybe get some See's Candies chocolate, movie tickets, and a laminate machine.  I hope the laminate machine laminates construction, if not, then I guess the garland doesn't need to be laminated, and a balloon (probably Hello Kitty or some sort of Valentine's Day bird), the balloon can wait till Valentine's Day though.  And on top of all this, I still need to finish my masters application!!! I hope I'm not wasting my time with all the things I plan to do with Ben.  I kind of don't want to do anything special for his birthday too, since it's close to Valentine's Day and he'll be busy with his friends and family on his actually birthday.  I was thinking of celebrating with him early on in the week but I don't know now since he kind of blew me off yesterday and he has work and school.  I know I'm being mean and selfish but I just don't like birthdays in general.

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