Monday, April 18, 2016

"Shut It"

On March 18th, after work, I get a text from Ben asking me who Orny Adams from Teen Wolf was. I thought this was  little random but I figure he must of ran into him or something. I told him how he was the lacrosse coach and how on the current season he was in rehab. He told me how he was going to be doing his comedy show that weekend near the mall we were planning to go to later that day. I wasn't planning on dressing up that day but just in case we went to the show I put on a nice silver top. I also wore the necklace Ben got me for Christmas. Even though it was gold, I didn't care that some people might think it didn't matched and decided to wear. I hadn't wore it yet and I wanted him to see that I liked what he gave me. When we got to the mall parking lot I had asked him about seeing Orny Adams. He told me how there was two shows for that day (Friday) and also Saturday. He asked me if I wanted to see him and I said yes but I also wanted to go the mall so I ask the Apple people what laptop was good for school. He got a little mad at me for being indecisive and so I said lets go to the show and how I could go to the mall the other day. While leaving the mall parking lot, he realized he forgot his license and went sure if he would be able to get in the building or not. I suggested seeing the show the Saturday or Sunday but he kept insisting Friday because he was probably going to be busy Saturday and then he wanted to sleep in on Sunday.  When we parked at the parking structure he decided we should eat first and then see the later show, which I was okay with. Though I was a little afraid to talk because I didn't want to upset him anymore. I think he knew that because at the restaurant he wanted to hold my hand and he saw I was hesitant at first.  I think after he ate, he was in a better mood. He decided that we could try for the second show on Saturday so he could have his license and then we could go to the mall after we ate. I was a little annoyed because thats what I suggested. -_-  So after we ate, we went to the Apple Store at the mall. I was glad we were able to go because I had a better idea what laptop I wanted to get.
Saturday afternoon, I get a message from Ben saying how he was sorry about how he was the night before and how if should get tickets to the first show. I told him it was okay and how I need to work on not being indecisive.  He was going to pick me up at 6 so I got ready. I wore the black jumpsuit that I didn't ware for our previous date night. I think this date was much better for it because I was in a good mood because I didn't have to worry about exam scores and the weather was warmer. I wore it with Ben's necklace of course.  After he picked me up and during the ride to the show, I asked Ben if it was possible to get his autograph or a picture with him. Ben told me that it was possible because usually comedians hang out after the show so that made me more excited for the show.  After we enter the building, I saw Orny Adams. I wanted to say hi but I was shy and starstruck and also the staff employee was showing us to our seats. The show was amazing! And after the show we waited to get our picture taken with him. Ben even bought me a shirt they were selling and we chatted with too! That made my night and my week. I made the picture we took my profile page and he even liked my picture.