Sunday, January 12, 2014

Plan Working

So my plan of selectively responding to Ben's text has been working.  He's been texting more actually which of course I have responded to about half.  Last night for example:

Jan 11 8:30 PM
Ben: I miss you
-I waited for an hour to respond since these types of messages I'll respond too of course :)

Jan 11 9:53 PM
Me: I miss you

Jan 12 12:44 AM
Ben: I love you
Me: <3
I responded right away to through him off and to hopefully have a short conversation, but nope.

Jan 12 2:25 PM
Ben: I hope you're having a great day
-I didn't respond because I had family over when I received the message and decided to wait later.

Jan 12 4:42
Ben: Early birthday present lol
-He also sent a picture of a birthday present wrapped in Hello Kitty.  I haven't responded from any messages today because I'm not going to lie, that pictured kind of made me mad and jealous because 1.  Who gave him a really REALLY early birthday present and wrapped in Hello Kitty wrapping paper?! A girl most likely!!! -__- 2.  Why is this person giving him an early birthday present with Hello Kitty wrapping paper?! 3.  When did this individual give him this present?! Is this why we didn't have date tonight this week????!!!!! Where you hanging out with this person instead of me this weekend?!  I know Ben has a lot of girlfriends which is fine but sometimes I wonder if some of them have other motives, like split us up so they can be with Ben.  I wouldn't be surprised because being a girl, I know how girls think and work sometimes.  Ugh this sucks, that picture was kind of a slap to my face because judging from the picture it's rectangler shape and so I'm guessing a picture frame.  I hope it's not a homemade one either.  Man, I hope it isn't a picture frame because now my Coach apple keychain looks like a copycat but a way smaller version.  And I still need a picture for it too :( and to make matters worse time is ticking for my masters application and I still need to ask for letters of recommendation!!!  Ugh, my life right now is so stressful and complex, I can't wait for spring break, then it will be a nice week off from school and work (hopefully) and Ben's birthday, Valentine's day, and application will be done and over with by then. 

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