Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh Thursday Night, Oh What a Night!

So my friends, Ben and I finally went on an "official date" Thursday night (3/28/13).  It was the best date I've been on. Even though a 14 year old junior high girl probably has gone out on more dates in one year then I have in my whole life, it was the best date. Ben invited me a week earlier and we picked Thursday night since he was on Spring Break and Thursday is my early day at work. Thursday morning I spent the morning loading tons of bags in my car. Some bags for work and some bags so I could get ready at the gym after work for date night. A lot of my things like perfume, makeup and jewelry were still in the tote bags from V-Day so that saved some time, lol. I chose to wear my nice light blue True Religion jeans, a sequence top and flats. He didn't tell me much expect to dress for a night on the town because it was a surprise. So I went with a casual nice look since sequence in my opinion says "night out" and "night on the town." I didn't know if we would be doing a lot of walking, so that's why I chose jeans and flats, plus my phone said it was going to be a cold night.
After work, I was excited because I didn't have work the next day so I could stay out later and sleep in, it was the beginning of my spring break (and for once it was actually in the spring and around Easter time) and of course it was my first official date with Ben. I got ready at the gym since it's near my work and where Ben lives and to same time and gas. Also, I wanted to get ready in peace without my family asking a million questions, since I rarely go out and my mom still can be a little (more like a lot) when it comes to guys and dating even at my age which is sad and embarrassing.
At the gym, I got a lot of compliments about my hair which people wanted to know how I fixed my hair. I fix my hair with a curling iron and hair spray it like it crazy. And it also helps that my hair is already curly and I have good hair genes. By the time I was finished it was around 6:20 and he was picking me up at 6:30, so it was perfect timing. Soon after I put my things in my car, he was there and he opened the door for me and we were off.
It turns out he was basing the date by what I was wearing. If I was wearing something fancy, then a fancy restaurant and if I were wearing my pjs (which I said as a joke but for some reason thought I was serious), then some dark place like movies or a restaurant so no one could see us, lol. So we ended up going to a comedy club.
I have never been to a comedy club before, even though I have been invited in the past. The comedians were all funny and we were seated in the front and Ben actually held my hand throughout the show.
After the show, we stopped and ate at Sonics which I had never had before either and afterwards we headed back to my car.
We were going to start making out but he felt a little awkward in the parking lot, which I agreed. He took me to one of his favorite spots because it was private, great view of the city and it was perfect for star gazing. His spot was perfect. It was just the two of us with the city lights in the background. It was romantic and I thought I could never feel this way about someone because usually I have my guard up since I have been hurt really badly in the past.
But like Cinderella at midnight, all things must come to an end. Before I was about to leave, I thought Ben was going to ask me to be his girlfriend but said "I Love You." Maybe he was but got shy. It was hard to leave Ben and I can't wait for our next date. Could he be the one?  

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