Saturday, April 6, 2013

An Impossible Dream

So I applied to an anthropology job as I mentioned during St. Patrick’s Day. I thought it was sign being Irish and praying to St. Jude and St. Cajetan for an anthropology job almost every night. I went back to to see what new anthropology job openings there was and the same job that I applied to was posted again. I saw it as my chance to redeem myself and upload and submit my resume because I don’t think my resume was uploaded and I wanted to make my application better than it was previously.
However, now I feel like I have wasted a perfectly good Saturday night now because I read other people who applied to this university for a job and read what they had to say. Many people applied over and over again and never heard back anything or saw that there application status was changed to “Alternate Applicant Selected.” I checked my status and it said the same, so I googled its meaning, which means, “If your status has been changed to alternate applicant selected, this means that we have pursued another applicant whose qualifications more closely match the requirements of the position.” Some people were upset with the status of their application because they felt that they were qualified for the job they were applying too. I wondered if I was wasting my time now reapplying. I haven’t finished my application because I want to fix my resume but I wonder if I am wasting my time now and should look elsewhere for a job in the anthropology field. I feel like my dreams of working in the anthropology field are slowing becoming an impossible dream L

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