Friday, December 27, 2013

$Money Woe$


Stores are already pushing Valentine's Day stuff and Christmas was just yesterday!  There are so many things I want and need to buy and why I am having money woes.  I need to pay for spring classes and one of my text books and that's going to be around $400 dollars.  I also need to order transcripts but offices are closed and I don't want to buy it online if they are going to charge some ridiculousness amount for convince fee because I might as well and go to the school campuses if the rate is going to be outrageous for ordering online.  They should give you a discount instead for saving paper and gas, what happened with going green people?!  Things that I want, a new outfit for Ben's birthday and Valentine's day and something nice and meaningful for both events, which at this point I have some ideas floating in my head but $$$ is what is stopping me.  Like I said, I need money for school and for applying my masters but I also want money for planning Ben's birthday and Valentine's day.  I want to but them now while I'm still on break from school and work and also while they are still available but with Christmas jut being yesterday, I'm afraid to know how my credit card bills look like.  I'm trying to cut back on online shopping and paying things with a credit card but sometimes I can't help it.  For example, it's cheaper to buy my textbook online then from the school bookstore, so buying online is okay in that case for me.  Things that I want to get for Ben's birthday is available online and the stores but buying online is sometimes cheaper and I save gas and I don't have to wait in line.  I'm probably going to buy online now so I don't have to worry about it come next year and have one less thing to worry about come January, leaving me to have more time to focus on school, work, and applying for my masters.   

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