Monday, February 23, 2015

Gloomy and Rainy

Last night I FaceTimed with Ben. He mostly just talked about work since that's what I asked him mostly. He wanted to see me Sunday night but I wasn't in the mood to go out. Maybe if the weather was warmer I would of been up to it. He did offer to pick me up since he knows I don't like driving in the rain but I was already in pjs and like I said was not in the mood. Part of the reason was because I was snooping around some of his friends' profile page and saw the pictures he was in. A lot where him celebrating his friends birthdays, hanging out with friends, and his birthday celebration. I had mixed emotions seeing those pictures, I felt upset and jealous all balled up into one feeling. I saw him once Christmas break and we never even got to see the Pompeii exhibit like I wanted to. I didn't see him at all in January and we didn't do anything for his birthday. Even though he did make an effort for Valentine's day but I was suffering from allergies I doubt he would of tried to make plans with me last weekend had it not been Valentine's Day. And for all I know he could of been out on Valentine's Day since he knew I sick. Maybe the next time I snoop around I'll find pictures of him out on Valentine's Day.

So later Sunday night Ben texted me how his phone was now fixed and how he wanted to see me. He asked what I did that day and I lied. I didn't do anything except go to some stores that day but I lied and said I was out celebrating a friend's birthday. Hopefully that made him a little jealous. It might of worked since when we FaceTime he said he really wanted to see me so we could celebrate Christmas, his birthday, and Valentine's Day. I told him if he wants to and how he's the one whose always to busy for me to which he didn't respond right away. So he is trying to make plans with me this week. He even offered to have date night in the middle of the week. If I didn't have a project and presentation that I have to do for my Thursday night class I would be up to it. I guess we could go out Tuesday night, Thursday night, and possibly Friday night. Maybe Saturday or Sunday night too but I have a project due Sunday night too. Also, I suck at lesson planning for my Saturday class. My direct lesson plans just suck, they suck so bad that my professor wants to meet this week to discuss it. :/ Great...another bad week it looks like. So since I read the email from my professor I've been feeling gloomy. I don't think this week will be a good week to see Ben. I have a lot of projects I need to start and finish and my Saturday class is making me feel gloomy. Please God, don't let this be another bad week for me, please.   

At least the weather matches my mood, gloomy and rainy. :'(

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