Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting Even Closer

It's February now, so it is getting even closer to Ben's birthday and Valentine's Day. I still have his Christmas present! I wish I could of mailed it to him but it would of been really expensive. I would not mind shipping it but I am broke. So the next time we go out, he is going to get a lot of presents from me. So for Christmas, it was the electric razor and apple heart frame, for his birthday, the Lego cake and Nightwing shirt, and for Valentine's day, a Hello Kitty mini figurine holding a heart and maybe chocolate. I still need to figure out how I want to give him the figurine. I am going to wait for Christmas for the tablet. I might buy it now and give it to him for Christmas that way I have something for him then because I won't be working as much then and super busy with school. Also, there will be new versions of tablets, so maybe I will wait for a new version. His Lego cake came yesterday too, it is really cute. I think I will keep it in the bag and let him put it together for fun.
Another check from selling my textbooks also came yesterday. I got $73.38. But I also got my Kohl's and VS bills too so I won't be able to enjoy my checks since I need to pay my bills but I plan on making these my last bills for a while. I'm still waiting for my work paychecks. I wonder how much I will make? I wonder how much money I will have left over after I pay my bills too? I hope I have enough for Ben's birthday and for school. I also still need to do my taxes so I can apply for financial aid next school year but it will suck losing it if I don't pass my CSET, which will probably be most likely. I don't know what I am going to do and I don't want to think about it either.

Anyways, I saw someone bought the Lego heart box on eBay. If you bought it now it would ended up being around $14. So someone really wanted it. I also went to the gym last night finally. I went to the new one near my house. I almost went to Omar's former gym but I wanted to give the new one a try and I loved it!!! They have free Wi-Fi, basketball court, and not crowded. I'm going to try to go tonight and get my homework done early. I also want to start going to classes at the gym, like yoga and Turbo Kickboxing, so hopefully I can start that next week.   

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