Monday, February 9, 2015

Ben's Birthday

Ben's birthday was this weekend. I just sent him a text message and wrote on his wall. I was surprised he sent me a message at 2:37 AM on his birthday. It was just a heart. He probably just finished celebrating his birthday or just got off the phone when he sent that message. Or maybe he was sleeping and checking his phone to see if I called or sent him a message at midnight which I did not. I thought about but decided against it. I assumed he would be busy by being out celebrating his birthday or on the phone and I would get a busy signal. Plus, a part of me is just a little bitter that he didn't even call or send me a message on my birthday. He did, but hours later, and I mean hours later, like the evening. So I wrote on his wall and sent him a happy birthday at 6:28 AM and that's all I did for his birthday. I didn't even bother to try to make plans for his birthday this year since I knew he would probably have plans all weekend long. Also, I didn't like how last year when we celebrated his birthday he was on phone for most of the dinner and he didn't even do anything for my birthday this year but yet he celebrated other people's birthdays. A part of me thinks he was at his work's high school's homecoming game since it was the same day as my birthday and he was just using how he had a bad day at work as an excuse not to hang out with me on my birthday. It would also make sense how he texted me in the evening, so he was probably at the football game. Oh well, this is why I don't like birthdays in general, too much work and too much fakeness. Also, I would probably feel ignored and forgotten had Ben invited me to his celebrate his birthday, like last year or with his friends. He did message me two more times on his birthday, at 9:22 AM, which said <3 I love you (probably after seeing my messages) and 6:14 PM, which was just a heart. I ignored it as I was busy working on finishing my homework so I could submitted it early and go to the gym and enjoy it so I don't have to worry about finishing it later. I felt bad ignoring it, since it was birthday and he did review one of my assignments this week but I'm sure he was out having fun celebrating his birthday.     

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