Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bad Day

Yesterday I had a bad day at work. Then I thought I lost my credit card but I found it thankfully. I told Ben about my day and he wanted to go out with me up but unfortunately we couldn't in the end. It was sweet though but we ended up talking on the phone last night. He told me how he was worried about us. He was worried because he said last week he wanted to go out with me but he was busy. I told him it was okay because I was busy with school. He told me he was worried because last week 4 of his friends ended their relationships so he was trying to help them. One was really bad he said. And one I met from the wedding we went to, one was getting a divorce, and another an engagement. So that made him worried about us because we hadn't had date night in a while and also because he thought I was mad at him on his birthday because we didn't have plans. I told him I wasn't but I just like to keep it basic on birthdays because I'm not big on birthdays and how I assumed how he was busy celebrating his birthday so I didn't know when he would see my message. He then told me to keep Saturday night opened. I have an idea  what I want to wear and hopefully I am not tired from school. Also, I am worried that I might be getting sick bc the weather has been dry lately. My throat has been hurting and I'm afraid I'll get a sinus infection and lose my voice.

I picked up my stuff from Kmart. I now have nail polish for Valentine's Day. I also bought a tiara, it was free with the surprise points. I could of gotten jewelry for work but the tiara was on sale and it was a heart tiara. I feel a little childish but I always wanted one and never had the opportunity to have one. I think one reason was because I saw Ben celebrate a birthday with a girl and she had a tiara on. Also, because I think like most females, they want to feel like a princess, even just for a second. So, it kind of made me feel like a princess and it also reminds me how I don't need to a man to feel like a princess. In the past, I've had guys want to treat me like a princess but they never did. Just lies.   

 I am having Ben look at my CSET bc I'm afraid to look. I am getting nervous waiting for my CSET result. Hopefully, this doesn't ruin my week and  Valentine's Day.  

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