Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Closer

It is getting closer to Ben's birthday and V-Day. I still have his Christmas gift too. I received $255.37 from my Amazon trade-in and $17 from another website for my textbooks. I am just waiting from the other websites to see what I get for my textbooks. I wish the $255.37 was a check and not store credit but oh well. They rejected the camera from my ex. Ugh, I don't want it! Even a penny for it would of done it for me! I think they are going to ship it back too, nnnoooo!!! I don't want to see it ever again!!!!!

 I don't know if I should get Ben a tablet or not. Maybe. So for his birthday I bought a Lego birthday cake. I don't know if I should put it together or let him. I saw a Lego heart box on eBay but they already sold the good colors. There is another one but is a black box with a red bow. It isn't to bad looking and I am debating if I should get it or not because I don't know if it will come in time for V-Day since the auction is 5 days and it comes from out of state too. I like it because I bought Ben a mini Hello Kitty holding a heart. It is really tiny and cute. I would be cute to put it in a Lego heart box for V-Day but I am trying to cut back on my spending. I also saw a leather heart box and a gourd bird that opens up. Those would also be cute to use to put the figurine in for V-Day. I know I have some V-Day mini boxes that look like carry-out containers but I can't find it. That would be perfect and I wouldn't have to spend money and wonder if it will come on time too. I'm not trying to be cheap but I am being more cautious about how I spend my money because after this term for school, the next two or three terms are going to be expensive and I wont be able to work M-Th because of school. I already have a couple of dates in February so that will help but I don't want to waste those paychecks paying bills. After February, I won't really have the need to spend money (hopefully) because Ben's birthday and V-Day will have past. I jut hope they go great and I still have money in the end for school. I'm still not sure what I am going to do for Ben's birthday. Dinner date and my treat?  

I also saw Lego roses that would be perfect for V-Day on Amazon and eBay. I could always use my store credit on Amazon but people are selling them really expensive and I wonder how much they really are worth. Like $40 for one when I could make it myself with old Legos but even old Legos people are selling expensive. I could also buy it on e-bay since I saw them cheaper and I have $5 store credit too. I like it but I'm trying to save even though I did buy the Lego cake but I also don't want to get carried away on themes. Last year, I gave him bird figurines for his world figurine collection so the gourd bird figurine box might me out. Also, the picture frame apple I got him for Christmas. I did get him a Coach apple keychian last year but the frame was suppose to be for his classroom because I thought he would get hired full-time, so that might make him sad too. So getting a Lego rose or heart might be a little too much after the Lego cake.

I'll figurine out what I am going to do once I get inspired like last year. Hopefully, I have the time, resources, and money.  

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