Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Jobs = More $$$

I was just offered some sub jobs throughout January and February. This is just what I needed. Next week, I'll be subbing Monday-Wednesday, which gives me time to do my homework Wednesday and Thursday before class (unless I get a job Thursday) and then I can observe Friday. I am happy that I can make a little more than $300 next week. So now I'll have money to pay for my Kohl's and Victoria's Secret bills next month. It isn't too much (at least for now lol). I also subbed three times earlier this month so after my bills I'll have a tad bit more for savings and for Ben's birthday. And if my checks from my books come soon, that will really help too. I will also apply to the school district that I am observing at so I can get sub jobs their and get to know the area. I wish Ben subbed for the same district for me so I could see him at work but then he might be a distraction (kidding). I feel bad that Ben didn't get hired full-time. I am going to pray to St. Jude and St. Cajun and hopefully he gets another long term position or hired full time.  

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