Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Break is Over

My winter break is coming to an end. I start classes this week. It could be last semester too. :/ I took my CSET yesterday. I think I did better then last time, but just a tad. I really don't know if I did well enough to get a passing score. I need a 660 and last time I got a 584. I'll probably get the same score or worse since this test had more econ and government questions now that I think of it. Sigh...I'll find out next month.

I wanted to go to the Pompeii exhibit too before my winter break was over but it is raining today and traffic would be a nightmare. I was hoping Ben would invite me but nope, not surprised though. He probably didn't even remember that I wanted to go. Oh well, I probably won't see him till next month only because it's his birthday and Valentine's Day which will most likely be combined into one date and then I won't see him till who knows when. I don't want to complain because I feel guilty that's he's going through a lot, like his parents divorcing and him not getting hired full-time by his site school. I was hoping he would get hired full-time because it might of helped strengthen our relationship. He would feel financially secure and then I can FINALLY DTR and introduce him to my parents. And then maybe get engaged and married down the line. Hopefully, I can money to get Ben a nice birthday/Valentine's Day.

I'm being careful how I am spending my money now, especially after Black Friday. I don't know how my schedule will be like this semester since I am  going to be doing mini teaching lessons to high school kids. I am nervous since I don't know how the students will be and I have not been in contact with my host teacher yet. I did send her two e-mails but no response. I will call tomorrow. Hopefully, I do not get dropped by her because I can't go through hell again like last term. I did buy my textbooks so I am waiting for those to come in. I just need to send two boxes of old textbooks to Amazon so I can get Amazon credit and maybe get Ben a tablet. I also bought some pet food online since there was free shipping, no minimum, and a sale. Also, some clothes for work and self-tanners. Yes, self-tanners and the Dove brand too. I can only find the Dove self-tanner online. I like the Dove self-tanner since it works actually and doesn't smell bad. I don't want to look pasty and pale when teaching to high school students. It will be just be one less thing to worry about and hopefully one less thing for students to not make fun of me.

 Hopefully, I get  a decent amount of money for the textbooks I traded-in. I can use all the cash I can get since money will be scare now. I am also worried about losing fin aid if I don't pass my CSET and have to take the semester off. Then I wont have enough money to pay for the rest of my classes which would of been two more semesters, assuming I pass this upcoming semester. I wish for a miracle where I have more time with Ben, he gets a full-time job, I pass my CSET, and I get enough money to pay for my classes.        

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