Wednesday, January 7, 2015


My sub pay check came today. I can now sleep better because now I can pay my VS and PayPal bills and have some money to add into checking and savings. I also dropped off two packages of my textbooks. Hopefully, my books are okay during inspection. I still have three more packages to drop off. I doubt some of the textbooks I sent to Amazon I will get the full estimated price. I noticed some of the books weren't "good" condition but you can still access the context of the material but that's what counts, right lol?! I will have to tell my siblings to take care of their textbooks better so I can get a better resell price. I'm actually proud of myself for getting this far. Usually I just submit my books for a quote and print the shipping label but then I never ship them in the end. I still have some books I can sell but I might need them for school or I just found some today, after I sealed my boxes up. But that's okay, I can sell them later and have money for the summer since I won't be working and won't really have money to spend. I wonder how much I will get for my textbooks? Hopefully I get enough store credit on Amazon to buy Ben a tablet for Christmas and that the other places I sent my textbooks to give me a good price because most of those books were like new. I also traded in my camera that my ex gave me for Christmas years ago to Amazon. It doesn't work and it just another thing that reminds me of him. I don't care if they gave me a penny for it, I just want it out of my sight. I'm also collecting water bottles too. I know I probably won't get much my it is better then nothing. I can use all the cash I can get. I want to start selling online too. Maybe I'll start that up in the summer so that can be summer income. Now if I can win a scholarship that would be great too! :)

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