Sunday, January 4, 2015


I think I know what I am going to get Ben for his birthday/Vday. I think I am going to get him a tablet from Amazon. I thought about a Kindle Fire but you pretty much have to be an Amazon Prime member to benefit from it. It also had okay reviews. I wish I new more about GB and what Ben is looking for in a tablet. The Kindle also didn't have much storage space either.  So maybe I will get him some type of Samsung tablet. I have one and it isn't bad. So hopefully I can buy one by trading my old text books and a camera that my ex gave me. It was a nice camera but it does after a few times and people I knew that had that camera said the same thing. It's also one less thing to remind me of him. Anyways, my estimated total was $224. I wish I could get that in cash but I'll take the gift card. It's probably going to be less since it up to them upon inspection to determine what is "good."  Hopefully I it shipped out this week since I always submit trade in and never ship it but this time I am more motivated since I want the money for a tablet for Ben. There is a Kindle tablet for $79 which I can afford that but it had okay views. It is funny how his electric razor is more then that but I bought it on sale and with Kohl's cash. I think I will get Ben a tablet and hopefully I get a good deal on my trade-in submissions.

For a V-Day card, I saw online how people made Lego hearts. I love it! I can make one into a card/gift. One person made a ornament and another a magnet. I could do something like that. Now I just need Legos. I wonder if they have a cheaper version of Legos at a dollar store. And we saw that movie a year ago too for his birthday. Aw, it's perfect. I love it. I'm so inspired. I hope I can get some Legos. Maybe I can get some if I have left over credit on Amazon after a buying a tablet for Ben. I'm so inspired. I want to make it now but I need to study and clean my room. Ugh!!! I'm going to fail my exam at this rate...sigh.... :/

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