Monday, December 29, 2014


I should be on my way to Denver right now but I do not like flying. I would take the bus but it cost twice as much to take the bus then to fly.  Oh well, it gives me more time for me to study which I hate to say I have been lacking it. I am afraid to know what is going to happen if I don't pass.  It would be nice to go to Denver to see the snow and family but it is also nice to have me time. I can focus on studying, getting ready for next semester, and clean my room. 

Ben is also sick. We probably won't get any time for us before we both go back to work. I still have his presents too. If I had money I would ship it and surprise him but I am broke. My store credit card bills came this week also and I am afraid to see how much damaged I did. I need to be saving my money not spending it!!! I did send Ben a Christmas card which he got Christmas eve (perfect timing). He loved it and he even sent me a picture of it. Now I wish I had money to send his package but the electric razor is heavy and would cost a lot to ship it. Maybe I will drive down and surprise him one of these days with his present. And then after I give him his Christmas present I then have to start looking for a birthday and Valentine's Day gifts too. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have time this year to plan a birthday or Valentine's Day surprise or have the money either. Hopefully, I can scrap some money up together before then and treat him to a birthday or Valentine's Day dinner. I really want to do something special for him since he means so much to me and he does a lot for me.  Maybe if I can't when it is his birthday or Valentine's Day I will in the future, maybe at the end of the school year. Also, I hate to think this but we never had a Valentine's Day together and for his birthday I have to settle for the day before since everyone wants to spend time with Ben. Also, I don't know how he will feel celebrating either once since his parents are getting a divorce. I really need a miracle that I will pass my test, I will have money for school, bills, and Ben, and I will be able to do something special for Ben on his birthday and Valentine's Day. Pray for me. St. Jude of hopeless cases, here my prayer!!!   

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