Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thursday Night

Thursday night I had date night with Ben.  It wasn't what he planned because he had reservations but I wasn't ready till 8 because I was at the store all day with my mom, which I felt bad. He understood how my mom doesn't like shopping alone and needs me to reach and grab items since she has back issues.  And I had a headache almost the entire day so I wasn't sure if I was going to go out because of it.  Luckily my headache went away by the time we went out. We just grab dinner and ice cream and it was nice to catch up.  He gave me my Christmas and birthday gift too. I felt kind of bad since I didn't have time to give him his.  I didn't have time to wrap it or put a picture in the frame and I didn't want my mom to see me leave with my presents. Then she would ask to many questions I wasn't ready to answer.  Ben got me the Hello Kitty Christmas tote bag and thermal mug that I wanted from Black Friday and the mini Hello Kitty purse too.  I figure he might since he had asked if I had bought them a few days ago. I wonder what he would of done had I told him I bought them or if I had actually bought them.  The purse is also sold out online too.  But what was really cute was how he got me a Hello Kitty charm bracelet. He said it reminded him of me because it was Hello Kitty and he knows I wear bracelets that have charms that dangle. Aw! That was so sweet that just alone made me happy. Aw, he notices things like that! :D I wonder what else he notices about me??? So now I wonder if he will like my presents!? And what am I going to get him for Valentine's Day and his birthday too?!

He also told me about work and how he is waiting to hear if he will be hired full time.  He also said how his last assignment was stressful because the students were bad. He also said how he has been stressed and tired and missing people birthdays, which he apologized for mine.  I then felt like a bitch when he said his parents were getting a divorce. I feel so bad and guilty for being mad at him when his parents are divorcing and he is stressed over work too.  I wish I could make him feel better but I'm glad we had date night and I hope next time I don't ruin it. Also, I need to stop getting mad at him. Poor guy is going through a lot over the past couple of weeks.  I will be here for him just like he is for me. I am lucky to have him. <3 :) 

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