Saturday, December 13, 2014

Finally Good News

Last night Ben and I texted throughout the night.  It was after 1 in the morning and I had six messages from Ben.  I wasn't sure if I was going to respond to his messages but I did. I asked if the school he was subbing at offered him a full time position yet but he said they were going to call him next week.  He then told me how his last day of his assignment was horrible because his freshman were bad.  I knew how he was feeling and didn't want to start any drama.  He did say how he was going to hang out with more during winter and how he had birthday and Christmas presents for me. I wonder if he only mentioned my birthday because of FB but at least he mentioned and I didn't have to. I do feel guilty complaining about him from time to time but can you blame me? I'm just glad we talked last night and there was finally good news and communication between us. Now I am kind of stressing over Ben's present. What if he doesn't like the electric razor or doesn't want one anymore? What if it sucks or doesn't work?  What if he has one already or someone gave him the same one.  It goes with the same thing with the apple picture frame/ornament I bought him too. What if someone gave it to him already or is going to give it to him? What picture would they use or would they even put a picture in it?  What if it makes him sad when he sees it because he didn't get hired full-time?  I hope he likes my presents!   

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