Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black Friday Bill

I'm not looking forward to my Black Friday bills, especially from VS! I spent so much money so I can get the Black Friday tote. It was cute but next year, I'm just going to get one or wait till Black Friday since shipping was free with $25 purchase on Black Friday.  I shopped early for the tote bag since I am an angel rewards holder and you had to spend $100 or more or buy an UGGS product to get free shipping, I did both.  So next week year, I'll just wait till Black Friday to get the tote and not buy more things I don't need to get free shipping and they still have free shipping right now but with a $50 minimum purchase, ugh and you can free blanket too with $75 purchase. So next year just one tote bag and wait till after Black Friday to see what freebies they have. I only spent more then anticipated at VS because some of my cousins from Mexico are coming over winter break and I could give them the VS totes I got, since I have  bout more so I can have 2 extra tote bags for them. VS is really big in Mexico and expensive. It's sad how people from the US buy VS products and resell them in Mexico for more money then what they paid. People actually sell the bags you get for free when you purchase inside the store and they ask for extras too! Also, I've seen stores in Mexico sell the body sprays and perfumes for way more money, like $30 for the body sprays that you can get for 7 for $35. What they paid for the whole thing is what they charge for one, it's sad how the culture in Mexico is all about appearances. People in Mexico spend their paychecks on overprice clothes like Hollister and Aeropostle and perfumes like VS that people buy cheap in the US and then resell to make a profit. It's sad and I could never do anything like that, especially to my family. I would either give it as a gift or sell it for the price I paid. 

I'm glad I am done with my Christmas list because I seriously can't afford to spend anymore money. I should be saving my money for school instead of spending it on crap I don't need. And my family and Ben would understand that I could not afford Christmas gifts this year but nope I spent my money like crazy. I'm seriously done with online shopping or any type of shopping for that matter, unless it's for school, like textbooks, which reminds I need to look into my textbook list for next term. I'm glad I got Ben's Christmas gift early this. It's an electric razor like he always wanted. I also got an apple picture frame/ornament from Kohl's for $4, not to bad. I just need to put a picture of him teaching in it before I wrap it. Sadly, I don't know when I will give it to him since we never have date night anymore. Hopefully, I get more sub jobs before the school district goes on winter break so I can pay off my bills from Black Friday!!!

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