Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pretty Dresses

I went to the mall today and I was reminded how my social and romantic life sucks. I saw couples shopping together. People shopping for their significant other. I saw pretty dresses like ones with sequences on displayed at fashion stores. Seeing these things made me sad.  I never spend time with Ben anymore and I wish I could wear pretty dresses for Ben. It would be nice to wear a sequence dress to meet his family on Christmas Day or New Year's Eve or a nice dress on a romantic date night but nope. I always buy nice dresses and tops in hopes to wear on a date that turns out to be the best date ever but they just collect dust in my closet. I remember Valentine's Day this year, I had a nice outfit picked out, a dress too, which is rare for me because usually I wear nice jeans and top but being V-Day I wanted to wear a dress but Ben was sick. The year before I also had an outfit picked out but Ben had class and he pissed me off. I have nice clothes but no one to wear it for...sigh :/  When I do go out, I forget I have these nice outfits because I'm in a rush to get ready since usually I go out the last minute. I need to go out more, even if it is not with Ben, he goes out with other people and to nice places with them! Why can't I do the same thing and also to get my options open in case Ben ends up being a waste of my time. I wish I could DTR publicly with my parents about Ben but it is embarrassing telling them my romantic life and also how we NEVER go out anymore.

 Watching A Cinderella Story right now, this movie never gets old. I wish something like that happened in my life. I wear a nice dress and meet my Prince Charming who sweeps me off my feet. I wish I could wear a pretty dress and make myself look beautiful for someone since I never did for my high school dances. And when Ben does ask me out, it's usually to the movies and who wants to wear a pretty dress to the movies...oh Ben what can't you be the romantic like you said you were...are you my Prince Charming Ben? And if not, where are you my Prince Charming??? 

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