Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Term

Fall term for school is going fine so for.  I'm taking the same class again this term that I dropped last term.  The same assignment I received a "0" on because I did not submit it correctly that caused me to drop, my prof know would give you credit since it is our first assignment and people are still trying to figure out how the system works.  I would of actually passed the class the first time around had I had this professor last term.  Oh well, I like the class atmosphere a lot better too.  People in the other class were kind of rude to me when I was trying to talk. 

I still need to find an ESL student to observe for my other class but my placement school still has not gotten back to me with a student or at least a teacher to get a hold of.  Looks like I'm going to need to reach out to a teacher myself at this rate.  I did last week reactivate my OkCupid account to see if I could find people who can help me with my ESL assignment and that was a bust so I deactivated it again on Monday.  However, I did find a person whose cousin was in the ESL program at the school I was placed at but he was an dick.  First of all he had no picture of himself and then he wanted sex in exchange for his help. WTF?! I blocked him and told him off.  I should of know better that looking for help on a dating site that people will be like that.  While I was searching people who might be able to help, my inbox was getting flooded with messages and half were stupid or gross messages.  No wonder these people are single.

I hear from Ben here and there.  Usually it is a message like how he misses me.  He still hasn't brought up a date night anytime soon and I'm not surprise.  I don't see one anytime soon.  I'll prob be better off ending things and looking for someone else who can least schedule me more then once every month or every other month.  He did try to help with my ESL project but it is better that I do it at the school assigned to me.  I feel like I would be a distraction to Ben if I were to observe a student at his job even though it could bring us together.  I just wished Ben had more time for me. 

I resigned my first job.  I feel kind of bad that it was through e-mail but phones call lately on my cell phone always disconnect.  The hours were less and it was not worth the money.  I would make like $120 a week before taxes.  I make $110 before taxes in one day substituting.  Also, know I have more time to sub,  do my homework, and student observation.  I won't miss the traffic on my way home either.  This job was the reason why I ended up taking night classes and a Saturday morning class, so I could still work at the time work was schedule for but the cutback is not worth.  I need every penny I can get to pay for my school.  If my classes didn't require a lot on site observation hours I probably would of reconsider not resigning till December but now I am less stressed about finishing assignments on time and making class on time, so it worked out for the best.      

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