Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Worst Week Ever

This week is going horribly wrong and I am trying to stay positive but it is hard and not working.  I lost 2 pets this week to start off with.  I literally just bought them stuff and they unfortunately passed away.  Today, I bought a new tank for my fish, so hopefully he isn't next to pass away.  I feel like a  jinx, I buy a pet something and then they die shortly afterwards.  I know I shouldn't have bought the fish tank but it was HK and I am pretty sure within a week it will be out of stock online and then I will see people selling it on eBay for at least 2 times the orginal price it was at the pet store.

I still need to call financial aid but at least I have some money to cover the remaining cost.  I have also realized that I am going to need another loan because I am lit out of money now.  I even created a sugar baby account, yes that is right.  I am becoming desperate for cash officially.  I saw some profiles that I liked.  Those that I did liked, I am not after their money but they are just looking for someone to hang out with like me, so I actually messaged them. I haven't heard back from any of them so that kind of sucks.  I did exchange numbers with one sugar daddy and I told him I would call him but I can't.  I don't know what to do and say and I have never been good with phone calls in the past in general.  I just want to stick with texting for now with sugar daddies but it looks like I don't have to worry about that because I haven't heard from a lot of them.  I feel bad I haven't called but I guess I am not ready for a sugar daddy or that desperate for cash. 

So as for work, I feel bad that I had 6 chances to sub, so that is $600 I turned down.  I would have taken the sub assignments but they were middle and high school and I am not mentally ready to sub for them.  I usually have terrible experiences with older students.  If it was elementary, I would take it in a heart beat but I haven't seen any this week.  As for my first job, I am starting to wonder if they remember that I wanted to return in the fall.  Probably not and it doesn't help that my boss resigned.  Usually there is training around now or I am at least posted of what is coming up in the next coming weeks but nope, nada, haven't heard anything from them.  If you don't work in the summer, they make you resign and so tec I am resigned so I wonder if they think I fully resigned because I really don't trust the staff in the office to make note to rehire me for the fall.  Oh well, I will then have more chances to make actually money and sub and more time for class and class assignments.  Maybe my position at work has been terminated because that has happened to other positions in the past.  If so, they could at least tell me.  I am also mad that instead of issuing a regular paycheck for my last paycheck, they gave me a credit card and convenience check for you to call and activate.  I tried for an hour today and nowhere and got upsetting news.  They said I had no money even though I should have $35 so I can't activate the check and to call my employer.  So I emailed my employer today even though that was prob a waste of time too.  Even though it is $35, I need that $35.  I lit have only $1 in my wallet. 

The only good thing that has been happening this week is texting Ben.  Ben is texting me more and he is busy with work and always tired but it is nice that he has been taking  the time lately to text me. :)

It is Wednesday, so it is hump day.  I am hoping that the bad is over and goodness will come over the hump.    

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