Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Semester

Fall semester is off to a quick start.  I have assignments due left and right.  I am a little worried about one but hopefully Ben can help me out if my professor lets me choose any school to observe an ESL student. 
I heard back from my first job and it is starting next week.  I thought about if I should go back or not and I don't think I am.  The hours are less and kind of would interfere with student observation.  It would only leave me to observe on Fridays without feeling I need to leave for work to beat traffic.  I would only make $120 a week before taxes and it takes an hour to get home because of traffic.  If I could sub and do my first job, I would but I can't.  Also, now I have a flexible schedule and would have more time to study and do my homework when not subbing.  I am sad I won't see the kids again really from my first job but I need to make actually money and focus on school. 
I went to the gym last night also.  I did a few weight machines because so many people where on the weight machines and on the I wanted to do.  Most were not even do the machines either, they were just sitting their either talking on the phone or texting.  So I just biked for an hour and think about things without being distracted.  For example, the one thing I was looking about my first job was having kind of a set schedule where I could go to work and the gym afterwards since they are on my way home.  I just need to find as gym class that works with my schedule and makes me want to go every week.  I  want to get back into shape and make new friends.  I just want to survive this school year and hopefully the gym can help like it did years before.         

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