Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lazy Day

I haven't finished anything I said I would.  I still need to call fin aid and the sub resource desk for last Friday.  I still need to read my readings for my Saturday morning class.  Also, getting them printed wouldn't hurt either.   I also need to order my textbooks and study for my test in November.  It is hot right now and I want to enjoy at least one more day of doing nothing before school starts and maybe work. I am lazy right now.  If I had the air condition on, I would get more done but it is expensive and opening a window and fan help a little and save some money.  Also, I still do not know what is going to happen with my first job at this point.

I also have been looking around online for early Christmas and birthday gifts but have not seen anything at a good price.  I guess that is a good thing since I am pretty much broke.  I'm sure I will find stuff during Black Friday week.  I don't know what to get Ben.  I still have that electric razor he wanted.  So in case I can't find anything else or I am extremely broke, I have that at least.  It is a good razor too and wasn't exactly cheap either.  I got it a good price compared to others I have seen.  I have seen some around $200 and up.  For a razor?!  

I still think about getting the iPad mini either for me or for Ben.  However, I am pretty sure a new version is going to come out since the iPhone 6 is coming out pronto.  So maybe the iPad mini will drop even more in price.  I did buy some things yesterday but I got some deals so I don't feel to guilty.  I bought a ring from QVC since it was  on clearance and sterling silver.  As my mom always said, "Always buy in gold or silver because they keep their value."  I wanted this ring for a while and my mom wanted me to buy a jacket for her so since I was using my credit card to buy it, I might as well buy something for myself.  It is an early birthday present for me.  I also bought a tank top of my university since the store I bought it had free shipping no minimum and another 20% off.  I always wanted that tank top too.  I would see it at other stores for $30 or more and never in my size too.  When I buy apparel of my university, a part of me feels like I am going to jinx myself and dropout.  Another part of me however, feels like it is motivation when I wear them to finish so I can tell people I actually went their.  Only a few people know I am even going to that university.  I want to finish so I can wear my appeal proudly and tell people I went their if they ask.  I have bought a lot of apparel I noticed since I started the program.  It is kind of nice that my university is a big NCAA school so being football season, I can find merchandise and apparel just about anywhere.  For now, I just tell people I am a fan of the school and how my dad went their too.  Hopefully this time next year, I can say I went their and buy the alumni apparel.  I just need to be motivated and work hard.   Keep thinking about those Kapala commercials and keep wearing my apparel for inspiration, hope, determination, and motivation.    

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