Friday, September 5, 2014

Panic Attack

I'm on the verge of having a panic attack for many reasons.  First, I still need to call the sub desk and fin aid.  I still need to pay for my classes and order my textbooks!!! I am super broke.  I still owe $80 on a store credit card bill but I will have to wait till next month to finish it off b/c I have no more money.   I thought I had enough but I was still $80 short.  I know I will have to pay interest again next month but oh well, hopefully I will have money by then.  I do not like being this tight with money.  There was no sub jobs either this week so no money this week.  I still need to read my readings and answer questions before 8AM tomorrow, ugh procrastination!!!

I def won't be doing anymore online shopping unless it is for school.  I already spent a lot on me this month and not to mention I still need to finish paying my bills. 

I'm not looking forward to Halloween this year either.  I have a big test the next and so I can't really be out.  It is not like I go out anyways, especially with Ben.  Waiting 2 years for Ben to do something with me is long enough, so this Halloween I will be studying and trying to have a good time when I am not studying.  Last year, I wore a Batgirl shirt and Ben said he would wear a Batman shirt while he was at school.  found out through FB he didn't wear it.  He went as a nerd and posted a picture of him with a girl dressed as nerds and he made it his profile picture too.  If Ben does invite me out for Halloween, which I doubt, I will decline.  I  need to study and 2 years is long enough for me to wait.  Sadly,  I am getting tired of waiting around for Ben. 

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