Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

My labor day weekend has been interesting.  Thursday night/early Friday morning, I Skyped with Ben.  We tried to FaceTime but it turns out I can't since I still have not updated my iOs on my phone.  Skype was also better since whenever we FaceTime I usually lose connection because of Wifi at my house and it can take forever to connect again.  He brought up the fair but I acted like I was not interested because we never go together plus there was no more $1 Labor Day admission price so I was not that egger to go to the fair this year.  He also brought up how soon we will go out.  When "soon" is, is probably another month from now.

I subbed on Friday.  I just need to sub 9 more full days to get rehired again for the next school year.  I don't want to feel stress about needing more days to sub like I did last school year but thankfully I was able to get 10 days by the end of the school year.  The school I was at was short on subs so I ended up with more kids.  The other sub who had the other half of the kids I had said to call the school district office and tell them what happened and we would get paid more.   I will def be doing that tomorrow.  More cash the better since I still need to pay for school and some store credit cards.  I thought about quitting my first job so I can sub more but after Friday, I reconsidered.  The night before I sub, I always have a hard time falling asleep and then when I get home, I am tired and crash the rest of the day.  I also don't know what is going to happen with my first job since my boss left to return to teaching.  Maybe I will only have one job soon???

Fin aid also on Friday said they will look at my appeal but I just needed another form to submit.  I will also call them on Tuesday because I am not sure what this form is.  So things are getting a little better with school (hopefully).

My prof for my Saturday class also e-mailed the class.  Class starts next Saturday.  I have a lot of reading to do so I need to print the reading material out and start that for class.  I just want a good semester so hopefully I do, even if it means little sleep.  Just like those Kaplan commercials I see on TV how you sacrifice so much for one moment, I want my moment of graduation and a master's degree!  I am mentally motivated right now, hopefully this motivation lasts the whole semester.    

I went to the gym last night too!  It is a start and hopefully I keep it up.  I want to start taking a gym class again and meet new people.  Last time I had a set gym schedule, it was great.  I had so much self-esteem.  I felt great after taking gym classes and working out and I meet new people.  It helped me get through my last year of community college after my friends left the year before so hopefully the gym can help get through my master's program this year.    

There are a lot of great Labor Day sales going on right now.  I keep telling myself I do not need this or that and I want to buy land.  However, one thing that keeps calling me is the iPad mini  at BestBuy.  It is $200 right now.  It would be nice for school but really I just want it for Ben.  I am really tempted to opening a BestBuy credit card since I would have six months to pay it off without interest.  However, opening to many store credit cards can be bad for your credit score but not having any also effects credit scores.  I already have 3 and my parents might get upset if I open another but I want it get for Ben for Christmas...sigh, what to do?!  Not having money right now stings but I can wait till Black Friday to get Christmas gifts.  Usually by now I have most of my Christmas shopping done by now but times have change.  I can always do what I use to do in the past and do my Christmas shopping at the university bookstore since finals week usually the items are on sale.  It will be like the good old days minus the student loan debt I have now.  I also do not know if Ben wants or needs an iPad mini...this is going to be a tough call.   

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