Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Was I Wrong?

The last couple of weeks have been a nightmare for me.  I finally have my classes paid off but I'll be wondering how I am going to pay for them again come next semester, if there is one.

I am falling behind in my classes and it's because I can't start my student observations.  I was dropped by my former host school.  They were upset that I had called the school district's human resource department and left what they thought was a "rude" voicemail.  So this is what happened, I've been trying to start my observations and get cleared since classes began.  I called and e-mail the school but nada.  I even went to the school in person last month and was told I would hear back from them by the end of the week.  Never did.  So I continued to call and e-mail and even reached out to a teacher myself but no contact whatsoever from the assigned host person.  Finally, I hear back from my host person by e-mail and the e-mail was upsetting.  Nowhere in the e-mail are my questions answered and then it said how he can't force teachers to work with grad students if they don't want to.  So basically, it was like telling me I'm f****ed.  So beaning upset, I called the human resource department and left a voice mail since it was after hours on that same Friday as the e-mail.  Sunday, the host person called me and I could barely hear him but he said I was good to go to start my assignments.  This made me question all the other types of clearance I was told I needed before I could start, like a background check, which are rare but school's can request them.  I don't mind doing anything like that and understand but no one at the school would tell me exactly what I needed before I could start and get cleared.  So Tuesday the school district calls me back and tells me how they are trying to figure things out and the next day, Wednesday, I get a call by my site coordinator and told I was dropped my host school.  I was told by my place coordinator that he was willing to work with me up until I called the school district.  He also felt like there was a lack of communication when he called me.  WTF?! I could barely him and he caught me off guard.  Who calls on a Sunday?!  I don't think he ever wanted to work with me from the start and was probably hoping I would either give up or do something like this so he could find a reason to get rid of me for good.  He only contacted me twice and one was that upsetting e-mail.  So then later in the week, I get a call from the head of the department from my school.  OMG, I was so scared because I didn't know what was going to happen.  For all I know I was going to kick get out of the program because of the voicemail I left.  The department head wanted to know my side of the story and I told him and I even told him how I could provide proof like my e-mails history and phone records.  He laugh and said it was not necessary bc I was not on trial but it sure felt like it.  He then told me how he thought I acted normally by calling but schools are political.  He said the school district thought I was rude and demanding by demanding answers, but hello, if you where falling behind in classes and spending thousands of dollars on classes wouldn't you want answers too?!  So yes, the voicemail could of been better I'll admit that but I was upset and also hormonal.  The head of the department said I acted normally but schools are political and to be careful in the future.  If this happens again, just to call him so he can be the middle man.  Either way I look at it, it was a lose-lose situation.  I waited and I fell behind in my classes.  Even if I never called, I know the school would not be so welcoming once I finally got cleared.  They would probably think I am some spoiled brat spending daddy's money since that's how my university is portrayed at times.  Even though I am paying for my education solely.  I wonder if the person from the other university is going through the same or if they had a pleasant experience.  Probably the next person who comes from my university will have a great experience to cover up my experience. 

I now have a potential new site school.  I filled out an observation form and a copy of my classes' syllabus.  I hope the school lets me observe their.  I am praying.  Even though it is not as close as the other school, as long as I am happy, I'll be okay.  I wonder if I would of been happy at the other school?  Was I wrong to call?  Yes and no.  The voicemail could of been a lot better but after a month of getting nowhere, I don't think I was necessarily wrong.  I think the school and the school district are just upset that I called them out and the head of the university department had to get involved.  It's like what the head of the department, schools are political.  I'm glad I stood up for myself and called instead of waiting for nothing to happen but in the future I am going to be careful of what I say and do so it doesn't effect my classes or potential job.       

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