Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Mermaid

So after my last post I decided to see if Ben updated his FB and OMG I did not like what I saw.  Before I start, I haven't heard from him since Saturday and now I know why, he was at a freaking party this weekend!!! A costume party too!!! He was tagged in a couple of pictures of him and some girl in a two piece mermaid costume!!!! He was all over her too!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG, OOOOOMMMMMGGG!!!!! Something must of happened since he has not text me at all since the weekend!!!! I'm so freaking pissed off!!!! He never has time for me but he has time to go to a costume party and hang out with a mermaid!!!! I haven't seen him since May! May!!!! And that was so he can help me with a project!!!!!! OMG!!!! I'm so pissed off, OMG!!!! I don't want to see him or hear from him bc I might say or do something I'll regret later!!! OMG!!!!! WTF BEN?! I tried to hang out with him last week and he was busy and this week he goes to a costume party! Ugh!!!! We never do anything like that together either!!!! We never even spent a holiday together either!!!! Never Halloween together and never Christmas, New Year's or Valentine's Day!!!!! I'm done, done, done, DONE!!!!! My birthday is coming up and if he thinks he can make everything up by spending my birthday with me then he does not know me all!!!! If he does not ask me on a date before my birthday then he can forget about me and hanging out with me on my birthday!!!!! I'm am so done with him right now!!!!!!! He better have a good explanation for the mermaid pictures but I doubt, oh I am so freaking pissed!!!!! Ben as of right now I am done with you!!!! Go fcuk yourself!!!! I even posted that on my fb "You're always too busy for me but never for others...GFY!!!"  Seriously I am so mad and hurt and pissed off, why do I always find out things like ths through fb?! 
well know he can know how I'm feeling through Fb since that is the only way to get his attention these days.  Ugh...I am so pissed off!!!!!!!!!! -_-

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