Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Damage Control

Ben texted me last night and only because I was just on FB.  Seriously, I'm tired of this being the only way to get his attention.  He only ask if my new school called me back yet.  I ignored it.  There were a lot of messages I could of sent back, such as "F U," "No," "Why do you care," but it best be that I keep my month shut.  I need time to cool off, even though I don't see that happening anytime soon.  That was the only message he sent me too last night, so maybe it is over between us.  Maybe he no longer has feelings for me, which would explain a lot, such as our lack of going out.  Or maybe something did happen and he is feeling guilty and trying to avoid me.  I did notice that he did try to do some damage control and he did delete the pictures of him and the mermaid really close together.  But I already save the images of them so he can't deny it if I confront him about it.  The pictures are also still on the mermaids profile page and her account wasn't private either so he can't pretend the pictures don't exist.  I don't deserve this.  It's one thing to be busy which I understand but to hang out with other people and post it to FB and never hang out with her supposedly gf since May is another thing.  Our last date night was in MARCH! MARCH!!! I don't deserve this and he never deserved me.  I need to move on and focus on school too. 

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