Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting Over It


So I ended up texting Ben the other night.  I need to stop  holding grudges over the dumbest things.  The next day he tested me in the morning telling me how he woke up with a soar throat and how he was suppose to go furniture shopping with his mom but had to cancel.  As a joke I sent him a message that I gave him mono even though I haven't seen and kissed him since the last time we had date night.  He responded to how it was okay and he only wanted mono from me.  But then I sent him a message how someone else  could have given him mono because for all I know he could of gone to the fair with someone else and I don't know what he does when I'm not there.  He responded with how he gets sick and the beginning of the free quarter always and that I'm the only girl he's kissed in a very long time.  I wonder when and who was the last girl kissed.  I know for me it was with my ex.  I'm sure if I had really tried I could have kissed more guys and gone out with more guys and even had a boyfriend or boyfriends but then again that's not really my style.  In a way, I just needed to find myself after the horrible breakup with my ex.  And some of the benefits that I learned from being single is how I can talk to whoever and not feel guilty.  I can do whatever I want and whenever.  And I got to meet more people, especially more guys on Thursday nights at the gym.  Weekends at the gym, especially Saturdays, I got to meet some weird guys.  Besides Thursday night at the gym, Sunday night is a good night to meet more people. I try to go the gym whenever I can now but school and work make me so tired now.  I need to start a schedule again and get back into the shape that I was in and start lifting again. 

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