Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sad :(


I'm still sad since I found out Ben's schedule for the fall.  It just bums me that we won't be spending Halloween and my birthday together.  I will be spending them alone as usual. :/  Since Ben texted me his schedule it has been hard for me to text him back.  The day he texted me his schedule we were messaging back and fourth until I asked about his schedule.  I didn't have much to say after it and for once I didn't know what too say.  Usually I have so much to tell him but lately no.  He texted me an hour later that said "I miss you," but by then I was asleep and didn't see the message till 3 AM.  Tuesday he sent me a heart and I texted him the same and that was all I heard from until Tuesday.  He sent me a message that said "I miss you" but I was dead asleep and didn't responded "I miss you" at 1:33 AM.  Yesterday, I wasn't going to send him any messages until he sent me one but there was a fire nearby and I sent him pictures of the fire but I didn't hear from him till 10:19 PM.  He sent me a message that said "I love you."  I thought about waiting a while to respond but hoping to hear from him, I sent him a heart but haven't heard back from him since.  It sucks that now I can't really talk to him throughout the day.  If I send him a message, I know I won 't hear from him till after 9 or 10 PM, if even.  I'm just heart broken and sad now, I feel so alone.  I'm not mad a Ben.  He's doing something with his life so he can have a better future and hopefully with me in it.   

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