Thursday, April 2, 2015

No Date Night I Guess

So Ben finally texted me about a date night yesterday. He didn't really say when so once again things are the same it looks like. The conversation went like this:

Me: 5 classes left to go

Ben: Well I'm proud of you baby. Let's go celebrate!

Me: Lol if you want to
-I doubt it. Looks like I'm right so far. And we probably won't have a date night either until June since it seems like we have date night every three to six months.

Ben: Of course :)
-When it is convenient for you, as in when you don't have a friend in town, it isn't someone's birthday, and when you remember you have a "girlfriend."

Me: Okay, just not Fridays

Ben: You mean like TGIF?
-I've never been their. I wonder how it is?

Me: I mean I have class on Fridays now from 5-8 starting this Friday

Ben: Awwww

Me: I know they only had two classes offered either Tuesday or Friday at the same time so I chose Friday. It's not like I do anything on Fridays anyways
- I chose Friday because it gives me the whole week to work on my school assignments. And it's true, I really don't do anything on Fridays. I'm sad I won't be able to go to the yoga class on Fridays but I at least can start running on early on the weekends and get a gym routine going again. Also, it isn't like Ben and I have so many date nights, especially on Fridays. I've only had three dates with him since the school year started. The first one he only asked me it felt like because of my post on FB though I had ever reason to be mad at him since I hadn't seen him in months and it was close to my birthday. The second date was to make up for my birthday and it was around Christmas time. Finally, the last date was last week when we went to the movies. My guess our next date will be mid May or mid June. And I'm sure I'll see pictures of him tagged out and about with other people, especially the opposite sex and celebrating their birthdays.

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